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  1. Hello, twin! Any other mods you're thinking about? The center console subwoofer replacement (if you have a center console) would be the way I'd go if I were to add a sub. Some members were making boxes for it.
  2. Without going through all of the posts again, has anyone with a Sierra color matched the letters? I'm also looking for other ideas to mod my 2017 Sierra.
  3. I bought the Philips 194 for the plate and 921 for the cargo area and reverse lights. Huge difference. They look great!
  4. I bought these too, and couldn't be happier. Pep Boys had them for 25% off if you bought online so I just picked them up in-store. A breeze to install and look great!
  5. The MX4 allows you to close it with the cover shut already. It's one of the only Bakflip's that allows for that. From page 5 of the installation manual: http://bakindustries.com/files/pdf/2016/bakflip-mx4-installation-instructions_4-17-2016.pdf
  6. Well, I haven't hauled anything but it did rain like crazy overnight. I checked this morning and had a little water inside the bed but not too much. It was on the driver side near the cab of the truck. I'm not sure where it was coming in from, but I was parked up a slight incline with the rear end higher than the front...oh, and I haven't installed the drain tubes yet either. I figured I'd see how things go before I did that. I know some folks on here have passed on installing them too. If I continue to see water inside, I might give them a shot. I do like the cover though, love that it sits flush and that i can open and close the tailgate with the cover down all the way.
  7. Installed the Bakflip MX4 today. Pretty easy to install. Will get the first big test tomorrow since it's supposed to rain for the next 24+ hours and I'll be hauling stuff an hour plus on the interstate.
  8. Bakflip MX4 ordered today. Should get it Wednesday from what the guy said. Hoping I'll be happy with it. $810 + tax since they have a center in my state.
  9. I love the wheels on your truck. Very sharp truck all around!
  10. 20% ceramic tint sides/rear, 40% ceramic on windshield with 5% brow. Weathertech no-drill, LED reverse and license plate lights. Next will be Husky mats, Line-X, bed rug, and Bakflip tonneau.
  11. 8-speed is available in the SLT, but not standard. Mine is a 6-speed.
  12. Yesterday - 20% ceramic tint all around and 40% on the windshield. Wednesday - Weathertech mudflaps. Need to order those cargo and reverse LEDs next... Loving it so far!
  13. I just sold my 2013 Cruze on a local Facebook buy-sell-trade group. Sold it in one day. Had two buyers that wanted it too, both with cash in hand. Give that shot before Craigslist, if you have Facebook.
  14. Are the reverse lights (back up lights) the same for 2016-2017 as they are in the 2014? What about plate lights? I want to order LEDs for them but don't really want to pull things apart until I get the bulbs in to swap out.
  15. Yeah, I'll see if I can dig up some from my Terrain. My Sierra's haven't arrived yet. *Edit* Here they are on the Terrain. http://imgur.com/a/Ui9AU
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