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  1. I have an idea, wondering if anyone has tried this. I spotted this https://www.tailgatefix.com/ and they are just splicing into and interrupting the power to the switch for the center section of the tailgate to prevent it from dropping on your trailer hitch. Why not wire it to an upfitter switch? At present you would have to run wire to the back of the truck to make this work. Unless that same wire could be found in the harness further forward in the truck. This is the install video. The important information starts at 5 minutes into the video. Thoughts? Comments?
  2. Your trailer is 6300 lbs dry weight. A lot of manufactures consider dry weight without fridge, furnance, mattresses, hot water water tank, propane tanks etc that all adds up in a hurry. Add to that gear, your supplies (food, clothes, etc.) water. Even whether your fuel tank is full or empty. You could very easily be over the rated limits of your truck. Get it weighed and find out. The porpoising that you are describing isn't going to be fixed by shocks. You are near the limits of your springs. Your springs is what supports the weight. The shock absorb the little imperfections in the road. I get that feeling when I don't have enough air in my air bags. Since you are near the GVW ratings for your truck, air bags or helper leaf springs are going to aid you more. I have Firestone air bags in my truck. I run around 50 PSI in them when I'm loaded as pictured in my signature. I haul 40 gallons of water as well. I like air bags over helpers because I can let the air out and truck rides nice. Helper springs are there all the time and effect ride quality all the time.
  3. When was the fuel filter change last? Ever clean the MAF? Was that with winter fuel or summer fuel? Temp and humidity effect MPG. If you floor it a few times one tank and not the next, makes a big difference. Lots of variables.
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