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  1. Console swap 2.0

  2. I was a valet in college and was one of the only employees with a valid drivers liscense. Parked cars at a lot of high end restaraunts and clubs. Saw a lot of terrible things happen to customers cars with them never knowing. Because of this I will never valet park my car and always tell everyone I know, to stay away from the valet stand! Just my $.02
  3. Hi guys, new to the forum and loving it so far. I recently bought a 2015 CC short bed Z71 in slate gray. Loving the truck so far and everyone on here has given me some great ideas of mods I want to do as the budget allows. So on to my question. I was browsing the chevy accessory website last night and came across a "Navigation Antenna Cable". That says it converts the factory 8" touch screen radio into a factory navigation unit. Could it be this easy? Nav is the one option I wanted but ended up sacrificing. I know the price of almost 1k is expensive but maybe pricing comes down some. A
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