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  1. Good Day 2006 Silverado regular cab (115000 KM) with power door locks and power windows The Passenger side drive door lock has started to intermittently not work properly. Happens more in the cold -10 Celsius (windows - mirrors) all work properly When you put it in gear it will lock the door and back in park it will unlock the door, if you hit the key fob to lock and or unlock it shows that it is working but the door remains locked. If you manually attempt to unlock the door from the inside or pull on the handle it stays locked. As if the handles (outside and inside) are disconnected from the door mechanism. Then when you're about to give up it works again and you can get the door open. I have read through a number of posts going back years and its pointed to a actuator but the fact that you hear it and see it moving the door lock from the inside has me wondering if the mechanism is loose or worn. Or ... is this an actuator that needs to be swapped out? Thanks in advance for any smarts you can pass on. Roger in Ottawa
  2. Good day I am in the process of installing a double din radio with back up camera. Radio is in and working correctly but I am looking for ideas for running the camera wires out of the cab. Of those of you have been through this how did you run the camera wires out of the cab and to the back of the truck. Drill a new hole or find an existing one. Camera has about 20 feet of cable so I have lots of options of where it comes out. Thanks for your time guys Roger
  3. Hello fellow Canadian I tend to shop around and it certainly depends what you are looking for in the way of tires, my guess is you are looking for something more aggressive where I am closer to stock sizes. I've picked up a couple of wheel and tire sets on Kijiji locally (sometimes you can find some great deals) then a couple more on Ebay (new take offs) and had them shipped to the border. If you do go Ebay check the sellers reputation as well when you find what you think is a good one seller see how he responds to complaints plus read the fine print, some of them are crooks. A buddy of mine swears by discount tire as they have free shipping to Canada (but you need to pay the brokerage fees so its about one in the same). Discount seems to be the better deal by the time you get them back to Canada but are limited on selection and while Tire rack is cheaper when I was doing my research by the time you pay shipping + border fees then get them installed they are only a few more dollars at Costco and Costco gives you a decent warranty. Now you have that 10% surcharge that is the Can - US exchange Hope this helps.
  4. Cyclepuck Thanks, I am pretty sure I have seen them before on a full size GM just not sure how the offset was as the hub seems to be flat with the outside of the wheel which I think would suck the wheels in closer to the frame. Pictures would be awesome. Cheers
  5. Good Day folks I am looking at changing the look of my 06 regular cab silverado and would like to know if the cadillac "escalade" wheel will fit and clear the brakes and have the right offset for my truck. I know they are a 6 bolt wheel (see attached) and the tires are 265/65R18 which is the same size I currently have so the speedo would read the same. Would also like to know if anyone has these wheels installed any pictures would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. I took mine off and painted it a couple of years ago and still looks new.
  7. Good post EXSlider400 My truck came with cruise but one time I had been in washing my truck at the dealership the mechanic in the next bay was adding cruise to a new truck, one guy had ordered a plain truck and later wanted cruise. Not sure on the cost but the dealerships does this at least in Canada (I think it was the signal light addition)
  8. Welcome to the forums. You will find a wealth of information in here and lots of help if you need it from the smart people. That is a nice clean truck you have. Looks to be in awesome shape
  9. Well said. I was just thinking that some of the guys on here might be cutting their nose off with their comments a couple years down the road when they pick up a nice plain jane truck dirt cheap and want to install factory power windows and locks. Might want to write down that procedure and keep it in your back pocket. Cheers
  10. Here is my 06, plain ole truck with an 8' box, 4.8, auto. Added the tonneau Cover, then Dual exhaust and a year ago a set of wheels off a 2010 silverado Picking her up at the dealership 5 years ago February with 8KM on the odometer Dropping the sled Making use of the 8 foot box Last spring with my new wheels
  11. Thanks for the tip Its kind of strange now as the Drivers side heat control started working again. Not sure what the issue is but I have Googled "Heat Vent Door Actuator" and have a path to go down before it breaks again Cheers
  12. I have a 2003 GM extended cab and the I can not adjust the heat on the drivers side. The drivers side temperature control will slide freely, seems normal, from hot to cold but it will always blow hot. Passenger side adjustment works fine and will blow hot to cold. I can also adjust where the air comes from, floor, vents, defrost, so that all works, Has anyone run into this before, is there a mechanical linkage on the back side that would have come undone, or is it an electrical connection. Thanks in advance for any help in solving this issue
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