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  1. I've been using mine since 2016 and never paid a dime?
  2. I'll second the Cooper ATW's if you live where there is snow. We have been having a tough winter in MT but the ATW's have been fantastic.
  3. Yes, it's easy. I just put my floor jack under the receiver hitch to raise the back end up some, then you can wiggle it out of there with a little finess. Took me like 30 minutes total to install my MBRP system, did it during a lunch break. Sounds good now that I tuned the AFM out.
  4. I couldn't take the V4 drone anymore either. I bought a Diablosport tuner to shut it off. Way better now. Sounds great all the time now. And runs way way better now, no more throttle lag.
  5. Are you going to try it? I would love to hear your thoughts if you do.
  6. I have this system on my 2015 5.3 Sierra as well. It is definitely louder than I was expecting, but you do get used too it. The V4 mode sucks but I think you are going to get that with any system that doesn't have the flapper. I recently started driving around in M5 mode in town to see the difference and man it is just way better, not only sounds better but feels and runs better. I am going to get a tuner to disable it myself.
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