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    Internal combustion and the outdoors! Love to hunt, fish, snowmobile, and work on my cars/trucks/sleds.
  1. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    26 @ 400 is crazy impressive. I've done 26.3 on a 25, but that's it. I think my best 400 is around 21? Do you guys just go downhill and never back up?
  2. Amazing work and attention to detail. That last box would look great in my truck. Any idea what something like that runs (w/o the subs and amp installed)? You can PM me if you like.
  3. Post your seat covers

    Those all look a lot cleaner than mine and I wanted custom, but wasn't dropping the $$ on them. I picked these universals up for $75 total. The fronts I got at Tractor Supply for $25 each and the rear I lucked out on at Menards they had it on the clearance rack for $27, normally $55. Cabelas wanted $35 for each front and $50 for the rear. My son and I unbolted the rear seat and center seat belt to make it work w/o cutting anything on the cover. They are not as wrinkled after we cinched them down and adjusted them more, as well as sat in them a bit.
  4. Cool, post up a video when you get done!
  5. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    64 and under on flat ground is the sweet spot. Add hills, head wind, etc and it'll drop quick. I also don't run my cruise much unless it's really flat. The cruise isnt' very smooth even on little inclines and will drop it quick also. I averaged 26.2 on my last 25 miles from work to home. A few stop lights out of town, then 40-62 mph all the way up the highway, then about 45-50 on another country road for a bit. Pretty much ideal conditions.
  6. This is why I went 1.5" instead of 2". I did 2 on my last truck and anytime you put a trailer on it or anything in the bed with a bit of weight, it always looked squatty. The 1.5" I went with this time (which ended up almost 2" anyways) looks good IMO and the truck should sit good and level with a load (depending on weight and setup)
  7. I put a Browning Universal set on the front seats and now I'm trying to put one on the rear bench. Looks like I'll have to cut a slot for the center shoulder belt. I'm probably going to have to remove the entire rear seat, especially to get the seat belt off and the straps around the back unless anyone that's done this have a better idea.
  8. 2014 Toppers, Caps, Campers

    Maybe go with something like the A.R.E. TW series (or something similar) and put it in backwards?? http://www.4are.com/product/tw/
  9. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    Agreed. Switching over to the heavier AT tires is when I noticed the biggest change on my last truck. This time I am also going to leave the front spoiler on (for now!)
  10. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    I put about 250 miles on this weekend. Mixed interstate, county highway, country roads (flat, temps in mid 60-70). Not bad at all. Driving back and forth to work I'm getting about 23 average. Life of truck 20.1 so far. Makes it hard for me to lift the front end a bit, but I'm still doing it
  11. Nevermind...I lied....the chevelle is a big block obviously, thus my screen name The military truck is also in the garage. It's a 1987 M1008 CUCV (all based on MY 1984). It's a 5/4 ton, with dana 60 front, 14b ff rear, 6.2l diesel, it's a brick on 4 wheels and I love it! 44k original miles and not a speck of rust anywhere, near showroom condition. 6.2l running- one of the best sounding diesels IMO http://i931.photobucket.com/albums/ad156/TNTFAGUY/th_VID_20150521_212634592_zpsjkoylzxo.mp4 Chevelle at idle http://vid931.photobucket.com/albums/ad156/TNTFAGUY/chevelle_zpsyyfzm5t3.mp4
  12. Thanks for the offer, I'll think about it and let you know. Haven't decided what I want to do yet. That's our 2nd Traverse and we love it. About the greatest family vehicle you can buy IMO. Combination of room, fuel mileage, comfort, driveability, etc make it an excellent buy. The one peeking out of the garage is a 1970 Chevelle ss. I don't have any more pics of it on my work computer. It was originally my dad's car, glad we still have it in the family! Thanks for the input about the throttle response, I just turned 400 miles today, so hopefully, it will get better.
  13. 2014 Toppers, Caps, Campers

    Yea, this heat we've had I would not have my dog in the shell no matter what. If he had to go with me, he'd be on the back floor in the cab. Never heard of that kooleraire, so I looked it up and while it sounds like a great idea, it doesn't seem to work according to all the reviews I read. Did you have a particular model in mind?
  14. This is a concern of mine too, except that I will have my dog in the kennel in a camper shell, so it could be even worse. It will have a carpeted headliner and rubber bed mat and spray in liner. I'm a flowmaster guy, but I like the sound of this 14" magnaflow. Did you say you kept the flapper and removed the resonator? Sorry, I've read a hundred posts since I quoted this one
  15. Diablo intune question

    Oil consumption is still an issue with AFM? It was a big problem on my '08 and at 70k ish miles they went in and put in new pistons and rings and installed a 'fix' for the oil routing or something to that effect. I can't believe it's still an issue in 2015?

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