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  1. Does anyone know of an upgrade to the sliding stereo face? Can just the control box be upgraded? It's like circa 2017 tech.
  2. Those pics are of the box on the drivers side fender
  3. I don't have those slots Jim, figures I gotta be different
  4. Hey Guys, has anyone figured out how to keep the USB and Cig assy sockets live when the key is off? Thanks in advance, this is driving me nuts!
  5. Thanks Jim, this has been one of my biggest pet peeves on the platform
  6. I'm 22k on my stock Bridgestones and can't wait to go to Michelins. I just have had great luck with mileage on the M's getting typically 30-40 k before they even look worn. And I like the ride better.
  7. Hi Steve, doing Great and Still am in love with my Yukon Denali! Hope your doing well also, stay warm!!
  8. Any updates or new mods? I have a 8+ and it drives me nuts, the dang charger is under my elbow and can't even be used by me.
  9. It takes a while to get used to that's for sure. But its wild how its ALWAYS right there for power and your not waiting for that downshift to accelerate
  10. I'm going to get something from the guys at gm-navigation.com. I just need to figure out the options I want to go with.
  11. Hey All, anyone having luck making playlists on a USB stick for the system? And if so what are you using to do it?
  12. Nice Benz, I had a 2012 Yukon Denali traded it in for a 2016 Supercharged Audi Q7 and loved it fast sleek and fun to drive. But I'm finally back where I need to be.
  13. Has anyone made playlists on a usb stick that work with the system and how did you do it
  14. I think Tasker is an Android app. I also went with the mini micro usb 128 gig for the media aspect. With that amount of storage you could cruise coast to coast twice and still not here the same thing twice.
  15. I'm not sure, I would think so. I'm still going through all the options, my "Stealer" was basically useless. The buffoon that was the "Truck Salesman" had a flip phone and tossed me the key and said I'll go through everything when you come back because we're closing up. Yah he's gonna retire before he sees me again LOL.
  16. I wish they planned better the iPhone 8 Plus won't fit in the center console properly to charge.
  17. Yeah I jailbroke my 11.2.1 and come to find out the NGXPlay is only up to 9.0 so far, so now I have to wait. GRRRRR
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