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  1. Does anyone know of an upgrade to the sliding stereo face? Can just the control box be upgraded? It's like circa 2017 tech.
  2. Those pics are of the box on the drivers side fender
  3. I don't have those slots Jim, figures I gotta be different
  4. Hey Guys, has anyone figured out how to keep the USB and Cig assy sockets live when the key is off? Thanks in advance, this is driving me nuts!
  5. Thanks Jim, this has been one of my biggest pet peeves on the platform
  6. I'm 22k on my stock Bridgestones and can't wait to go to Michelins. I just have had great luck with mileage on the M's getting typically 30-40 k before they even look worn. And I like the ride better.
  7. Hi Steve, doing Great and Still am in love with my Yukon Denali! Hope your doing well also, stay warm!!
  8. Any updates or new mods? I have a 8+ and it drives me nuts, the dang charger is under my elbow and can't even be used by me.
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