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  1. I got an update to the infotainment software a few months ago, and now, if my camera is already on (manually because I know Im getting close to something) and the parking sensor becomes triggered, the camera feed goes away for a moment which startles me into hitting the brakes. Anyone else noticed this?
  2. I came to the same conclusion. If you want bells and whistles, go Sierra AT4 or possibly Silverado LTZ. A fully loaded Z71 LTZ has everything a fully loaded AT4 has except the lift. The LTZ tailgate will be power up and down but you loose the multi-pro, and it will cost about $2,165 less. $65,850 for the AT4, $63,685 for the LTZ. For $2,165 you can have the TB/AT4 lift kit installed. If you want least expensive, go LT Trail Boss and maybe have a look at Custom Trail Boss.
  3. The 5k ($4,940) includes the 6.2L motor, 18" wheels and Duratrac tires. If you already have the 6.2L and the other items in your build, the package only adds $2150 in cost. PCJ - Off-Road Performance Package, includes (L87) 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine, (PDM) Performance Upgrade Package, LPO, (R3O) LT275/65R18C MT blackwall Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires and (RT5) 18" machined aluminum with Dark Grey accents PDM - LPO, Performance Upgrade Package, includes (5W7) Performance Air Intake System, LPO and (WBC) Cat-Back Performance Exhaust, LPO, (dealer-installed)
  4. That may be the case.... mine was still in transit when I purchased it and I know the window sticker already had the performance package listed. I just assumed it was always installed by dealer. Perhaps not the case though. It did have the install instruction booklet in the center console.. not sure what to make of that.
  5. I just got an AT4 delivered from Utah. It has the off-road performance package (intake and exhaust) I believe the engine emission label (sticker) was on the original factory installed airbox? There is a small white sticker on the upper radiator support cover that says the new intake is 50 state legal but the main engine emission label is nowhere to be found. Is GM supposed to supply a new sticker or take the old one off and reattach somehow? Seems odd that they would remove it without replacing it. Does the dealer normally give the OEM airbox and exhaust to the customers?
  6. Time to update my signature! Finally found pricing that worked for me. Last day of February I scored my AT4 with everything I wanted (White, Crew Cab, 6.2L, AT4 Premium, Sunroof, Duratrac's, and Technology Package). It also had the "Off-Road Performance Package" which with the other stuff it already had adds an intake and exhaust. Wasn't on my "needs" list but I guess it's a nice bonus, just added a little cost. MSRP was $65,850. Sale Price $59,580 MFR. Rebate $4,500 Net cost before B.S. - $55,080 (16.35% off) They then got me for $600 delivery from Utah to Cali, $494 for garbage protection package (they would not waive it), $399 doc fee, plus tax and licensing of course. The best rate they could get me was 5.39% even with an 806 score. There is verbiage stating I can't pay it off for 6 months. Frontwave credit union can get me 3.49%. I'll go that route ASAP! All in all, I feel pretty good about it, despite the protection package and high interest rate. Prices seemed to have ticked back up March 1.
  7. Frontwave, previously Pacific Marine had decent rates when we bought my wife's Escalade. The best part is we can make the payment with our Citi Double Cash card giving us an extra 2% cash back when we payoff the statement balance which we make sure to do every month otherwise it would cost a fortune. DO NOT use this tactic if you're not disciplined with your cards! They did not require us to be members before quoting us a rate. https://www.frontwavecu.com/Resources/Help/Rates/Current-Rates/Loan-Rates
  8. Good deal! I tried to get my dealer to take 12 off of a $64k AT4 and they wouldnt. With supplier pricing and incentives, they were only 6k below MSRP which wasnt enough for me so I walked.
  9. Here's an interesting add for a Denali: https://www.dennisdillongmc.com/VehicleDetails/new-2019-GMC-Sierra_1500-Crew_Cab_Standard_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_Denali-Boise-ID/3343423273 They also have the first 2.7L Turbo truck that I have seen in stock...
  10. https://www.chevrolet.com/trucks/silverado-1500-pickup-truck 2019 SILVERADO CREW CAB LT ALL STAR Z71 INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW SILVERADO For current GM owners $3,005 Price Reduction Below MSRP $2,500 Loyalty Purchase Cash + $1,000 Option Package Discounts $6,505 Total Value†
  11. Laura GMC has been giving about 7k without a GM incentive. Im hopeful that with a GM incentive they will continue to offer that. With the 5k you mentioned, that would be 12k off and that would put me in the ballpark on the AT4 I've been eyeing as well!
  12. I have no clue to be honest so don't take my word for it. If someone knows definitively, I'd love to know. I have been watching prices religiously on the internet since the launch and that is the lowest I've seen though. No clue if they would actually give you all the rebates or not though. I wouldn't buy from a dealer that wouldn't honor the pricing on there webpage.
  13. Munday's pricing is the best Ive seen quoted so far... even on the Trail Boss and High Country. Here's the pricing on the high county; hopefully this is the start of the discounts! Munday Price$65,680 GM Loyalty 1 - $2,500Take Delivery By 01/31/2019 Chevy Pre-Tax Season Sales Event 2 - $1,500 2019 Silverado Chevy Offer 3 - $1,500Take Delivery By 01/31/2019 Munday Chevy Best Price Guarantee 4 - $1,000 Trade In Assistance 5 - $500Take Delivery By 01/31/2019 Sale Price$58,680 Savings$7,000 (17 Days, 4 Hours, 55 Min Left) Conditional Offers GM Targeted Lease Offer6 - $2,000 Munday Price W/Offers$56,680
  14. Doesnt sound too bad. Best discount on the 2019 will be 7000 ATM. That brings the price on the new one to 55,000. Take the 17,000 off and that means they are giving you 38000 for your trade. KBB suggests 33 to 37 for a trade in value.
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