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  1. I was getting intermittent CEL related to the throttle position sensor, P0121, on my wife’s 2011 Escalade. I changed the throttle body with an OEM AC Delco part. After changing it I attempted the relearn procedure but kept getting P0507. I’d clear it and it would pop back up. It was idling high but I told her to drive it a while and hope it got better. The P0507 finally went away and the normal idle is fine. However, when releasing the throttle and pressing the breaks it still revs as if you were still pressing the gas. It’s fighting the breaks till you come to a stop and the idle returns to normal. I’ve visually checked to make sure vacuum lines are connected. Any ideas?
  2. Got mine tonight. Here’s what it says it includes:
  3. Did yours pop out completely like mine did? (Video here: ) How long did you have to wait for yours to come in? While my glass came in remarkably quick, I am still waiting for the vents to come in!
  4. My FUYAO replacement which does not leak (yet) says 43R-000072
  5. My replacement is a fuyao. Still not sure how I got it so fast compared to some on here. Maybe someone else was waiting for one and they mixed us up? I wouldn’t put anything past them. No leaks yet but I’m thinking I might need to take out the truck and flex it a little. To test the theory I can leak test before and after. It is an at4 after all...
  6. My wife has a previously owned 2011 Escalade. Is there any way to tell the newer design valve covers apart without removing the cover? Probably a slim chance but wondering if anyone had changed it already.... https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2012/SB-10062524-7690.pdf
  7. My truck has never been to a car wash. Only done by me, every two weeks with a foam sprayer, not a pressure washer, not even a hose nozzle on full blast, just a rinse
  8. This is the part that was installed in my truck per the invoice. The website doesn’t say anything about being back ordered. https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-sliding-glass-84569182 not sure why the dealer would have trouble getting it.
  9. better pic of the uneven spoiler and terrible caulking job...
  10. More photos: #1 - Some sort of glue or something smudged all over the side #2 - Notice how the gap is uneven, spoiler touching the glass on the right side but not the left. Messy rear window smudge, still has suction cup marks Tiny bit of a gap on the right but then the spoiler seems to dip down to the point where it touches the glass Spoiler looks a little deformed just to the right of the slide, just above the glass
  11. Update: Got my truck back today with the replaced rear window. Problem 1 - Initially told it would be done by 3 yesterday so I said, "If it'll be done before 5 just give me a lift to work and pick me up when its done." Then he said... well... it might not be done so we better get you a rental. He called me at 3 yesterday and said it was done and that i could pick it up. I said id drop off the rental and come right over. 15 minutes later he calls back to say its not actually done because the glue needs to dry overnight. Problem 2 - I immediately noticed how filthy it was. They didn't even make an effort to clean the rear window or surrounding area that was worked on. It wasn't spotless going in but definitely came back filthy. I looked down between the bed and cab and there was a huge strip of the old glue sitting on my exhaust waiting to fry. Problem 3 - I could still see the messy caulk job on the top seam. I figured with a whole new window, the glue would look perfect. Problem 4 - There is a quarter inch gap between the spoiler and the glass on the left side. About midway across it goes from a gap to line to line. Spoiler is actually touching the glass above the slider and the right side. Looks like the spoiler is jacked up. Problem 5 - Below the glass there are scratches, presumably from a careless job cutting the old glue with a blade. It almost looks as though they tried to hide it with touch up paint. Problem 6 - Icing on the cake! I opened one of the doors and heard a tink-tink sound come from between the bed and cab. I assumed something was hanging in there. When I looked I saw the left pressure equalizing vent contraption hanging out. Its resting against the bed so when I open a door, it sucks it into place, making the first tink sound then falls back against the bed making the second sound. They must have pressed too hard putting the rear seat padding back in and popped it out. Of course you can't reach it to put it back in. I got the service adviser and showed him. He went to talk to the mechanic and came back and said there was no way they could have done that but that they'd fix it under warranty. They need to order a new part he said. I betting it would pop back in but they didn't even want to try. I never noticed the defogging strips being so noticeable on my old window but I never paid much attention. The giant vertical gold bands are kinda ugly. Is this what the original one looked like? Overall, very disappointed in the workmanship on my new truck. You would think for what I paid they'd take a little better care of it. Not sure what to do from here... New video.mp4
  12. 2 months!? My dealer here in so cal ordered mine about 10 days ago. It was back ordered but I got a call a week later saying it was in. Scheduled the install for this morning but then they cancelled because they said they never got confirmation from their outsourced installer. Now it's looking like it might be going in later this week. We'll see!
  13. Just to add my story to this already too long of a thread.... Build date of Feb. 2019. Noticed a leak about a month ago when I washed my truck. Took it in and they caulked the window. You could see some of the caulk if you looked hard enough but it wasn't too bad. Still frustrating. They gave me a ride back to work when I dropped it off. Then forgot to notify me till 5:30 when it was done. They told me their shuttle was done for the day and basically said I was on my own to get a ride. Of course, like everyone else, that didn't fix it. I took it back last Thursday at 9:00 and told them I wanted a rental which they agreed to. They called around 3:00 and said come pick up the truck because they have to order a new rear window. Of course it's back ordered. So now I'm waiting with a leaky truck and lots of rain (relatively, I'm in California) in the forecast. Fortunately my headliner is black and I haven't noticed any staining.
  14. I got an update to the infotainment software a few months ago, and now, if my camera is already on (manually because I know Im getting close to something) and the parking sensor becomes triggered, the camera feed goes away for a moment which startles me into hitting the brakes. Anyone else noticed this?
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