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  1. I had Elite for over 4 years. Very dependable, well-made and not a drop got through over that time, but looks kind of meh. Now I have MX4. Looks way better, but it's not waterproof and can't be due to construction - some water gets inside. Not much, but enough to notice. Also it doesn't look like anybody took pride in making them - metal shavings, rough edges everywhere and overall workmanship is not impressive for the price. I went with MX4 this time because after Elite I know that unrestrained access to the full bed length is more important for me. If fold-a-cover would make a cover of the same style as MX4 I'd go with them though.
  2. factory subwoofer

    I've installed that CXARC knob with mounting tape under my seat. This thingy really helps - no need to mess with switches, so I restored them to factory defaults. GM should've included it in the kit!
  3. factory subwoofer

    I've uploaded video to youtube - I think this works better than pictures. GM Sub, installed
  4. factory subwoofer

    I'll make pictures tomorrow. Here is PDF of the manual, BTW. 19417164 - 20190208_.pdf
  5. factory subwoofer

    I've just got the new one installed on my AT4. 4" Bose factory sub doesn't do it for me, so I ordered this one and had it installed in a shop. Took guys about 1.5 hour - not super easy. It looks well made, guys said it's a 10". $600 online with shipping. This sub comes with an amp mounted on a side. Amp looks bare, but if you unscrew it there are adjustment switches on the bottom and one plug next to harness. Kicker support says I can connect this knob there to adjust level: https://www.kicker.com/CXARC-Remote-Control-for-Kicker-46CX-Series-Amps Initially I hated the thing - it was so obnoxiously strong that I started to worry that paint will peal off the cab. Adjusting bass in the head unit EQ helps somewhat, but still not enough and affects sound in a bad way. Wrote email to Kicker and they told me how to adjust gain with those switches - this info is not present in the manual, for whatever reason. Switches 1,2,3 control it. No idea what other switches do and I wouldn't touch them. They also said that I can use that knob for fine tuning, so I'll also install it on Sunday and see how it works. Anyway now after changing gain with those switches it's a completely different thing - sounds really good, deep and not annoying, makes huge difference in all kinds of music. Love this thing!
  6. Does anybody have those bed side storage boxes? Look a bit pricey, but I like the idea since the bed is wider now and they don't eat space in front. Looks like a good compromise to me.

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