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  1. Wondering the same thing! Unfortunately, Pacific Blue isn't an option for the pre-painted grilles. Good luck! I think it'll look great!
  2. Hi everyone- There's a 2019 Pacific Blue Sierra SLT sitting in my driveway to replace my dearly departed 2015 Chevy SS. Got t-boned by someone who flew right through a stop sign. Car took good care of me, though. Other than lower back pain and some airbag abrasions, I'm thankful to be ok. As you all know, there's a LOT of chrome on the front of the SLT model. I'm thinking about replacing some of that chrome with some darker pieces found on the AT4 model, and maybe painting a few pieces body color. Where would be the best place to source these parts from? How can I find the actual part numbers without going to the actual dealer? I see there are some grille's that come pre-painted, but it doesn't look like Pacific Blue is one of the options(yet?). Lots of good info here. I did a search, but maybe I haven't stumbled on the right thread yet. Thanks for the help!
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