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  1. At the very least a simple test is to place a tissue on one of the vents to see if it holds in place, if it does then the motor is running backwards.
  2. Good thing somebody answered...I could almost hear the person's feet stomping asking the question over and over only minutes apart...
  3. Back to the OP...sounds like everybody covered most things and options, I will also agree that a "guard/working" dog might be a good option for you. On a side note it is hard for me to grasp the fear of guns people have...maybe and probably most likely that I do not have that fear is because I grew up around them and was target shooting at a very young age. I do have two dogs (Shelties) that alert me to when something is outside that might deserve my attention but they are no match for a person who would give them a swift kick. Not sure if having motion alarms in your yard would help...might make it worse though as then you would be going out to investigate and that is when a gun comes in handy. Just be ready to possibly watch your dog die in front of you while he/her is trying to protect you...sad but true. I my self would not hesitate to put a bullet into someone who is trying to kill me.
  4. I would think it would take longer than two weeks...back in 2003 the Northeast lost power in my area for a week and nothing bad happened.
  5. Welcome. I am right over in Richfield, less than 15 minutes from Brunswick.
  6. I was gonna offer some advice on an exhaust idea but see how you treated the other person so I will decline...also your choice of words seem strange to me...
  7. I do not have those wheels but I do coat my bare polished aluminum wheels with white Lithium grease. These wheels do not even have a clear coat on them and they have survived at least 5 Ohio Winters so far. I just pressure wash them off in the Spring.
  8. I agree...the ruling will be based on that fact alone not "well maybe he should have seen the oncoming car running their red light and stopped". Not a huge case here, no one was killed, the system will rule in the OP favor and proceed to the "next case".
  9. The original poster can verify if that is an arrow or not as it is not clear in the video but the layout of the traffic lights to me indicates that traffic light has an arrow not a green light. Very clear he was moving proceeding with his u-turn way before the other car entered the intersection. I have a dash cam on my vehicles and I was behind a truck that made a similar turn with an arrow and the car coming hit them...I stopped and waited for the police and showed the footage I had...cop said thank you very much and cited the the driver of the oncoming car.
  10. Spray some sort of oil in the holes for a coating, excess will run out and not block the holes.
  11. Never. I wave back to Corvette drivers (when I am driving my Vette)...I hate when I spot one coming at me as I know I am going to have to wave. I truly hate waving to a motorcycle rider...but I do it if they do it first. I just want to enjoy my ride and I here comes a bike every other minute heading towards me, ugh.
  12. I only black out white letters on a tire that I grew tired of looking at, and it is easier and cheaper to black them out instead of remounting them. Now a days I mount any and all my tires black wall out.
  13. Black shoe polish in a squeeze/sponge applicator. I blacked out white letters over the years and this worked the best for me.
  14. Sorry nothing to add to your thread but your avatar caught my eye, lol.
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