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  1. My AT4 got clipped by the lawn service at work today and I was livid. Fortunately though, 99% of the damage is on the end cap plastic and even though it was gouged, looks like it can be easily replaced. Since the parts are cheap and going after the lawn service will be a nightmare, I was just going to replace it myself. Is anyone familiar with how this is inserted? There's a few screws on top but looks like it's in more than just those screws holding it in there. Bumper Break Out - Scroll down to the second batch of parts which I believe is what I need as it has the dual exhaus
  2. Doesn't that part number represent the painted ones? https://www.shopchevyparts.com/exterior/2019-sierra-1500-fender-flare-set-onyx-black-paint-front-and-rear-sets/84269334-p-92300999.html I've thought about them on my Black AT4 but it seems less necessary since the stock ones are already black, just black plastic instead of the black painted body color. Lot of money for not much gain.
  3. I tried to search first before I posted but couldn't come up with anything. Glad you like them though. My truck is back as well and I didn't do anything with the stock red accents other than the led emblem on the front but still red.
  4. Anyone here used these? I made a customized one in their tool to add the AT4 logo but curious if anyone has any experience with them. Youtube video of the install on a Silverado:
  5. This thread is for 2019/2020 Sierras and Silverados. I don't think you're going to find any answers here for your vehicle.
  6. Does it look that bright in person? I always think other people's looks brighter than mine.
  7. I guess you are right. Didn't notice it on mine at first. Many pieces can be ordered pre-painted though so that's dissappointing.
  8. Which trim do you have? I don't think my AT4 has a painted grille.
  9. Because people will pay it, lol. Thankfully I wanted the red ?
  10. They should just snap right in. How aggressive were you removing the existing emblem?
  11. I installed my speakers and light kit on Saturday. I'm pleasantly surprised with how it sounds and how it turned out. I don't know if it's because my expectations were low because people on this forum really complain about them a lot but I really like them. Just curious, what's the longest you've gone playing them without starting the car? I can't seem to find a suggested hourly duration that's safe on the battery other than "hours". Also, what's the capacity of the battery in your truck? Mine's just a standard 1500 AT4 so stock battery but not sure if the larger tr
  12. I paid $530 during a Memorial Day deal from a reseller via eBay and installed them on Friday. After reading so many complaints about them on these forums, my expectations were low but I went ahead and bought them anyway. I actually really like them. They get extremely loud, which makes sense for 100W (50W per channel). This is far more than most portable bluetooth speakers. They are light on base of course and are certainly expensive, but they serve their purpose, look cool, and are very convenient. Assuming they last a while, I'm happy with the purchase.
  13. I just finished installing mine on my 2019 AT4 on Friday. So far, I like them quite a bit and am pleasantly surprised after seeing so many here say how much they hated theirs, my expectations were low.
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