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  1. Lived in the Chicago area my entire life (35 years old) and go to upper Wisconsin and Michigan all the time. Driven trucks since I was 16 all equipped with 4WD. Never once, have I felt it necessary to add weight in the back end. If you are 2WD only though, I can see it as useful.
  2. I just finished mine, looks good. Went with red opposed to black even though the truck is Onyx Black. There's enough red on the truck as accents already that I didn't want to have to go and make everything black as it would have bothered me. Just to give some bit of experience from my install: Took me 60-90 min actually, which seems to be considerably longer than most here but still not bad. I spent a lot of time trying to route the wires and harness as best as possible to avoid seeing it through the grill. Probably spent 20-30 min on that alone. I did end up routing it similar to pictures from the 1st page incidentally. Was difficult to squeeze through there but got it done. Even after disengaging the clip on the headlight hardness, it was still very difficult to get it out. Probably another 15-20 min here as well. I don't know if my hands are bigger or something but it's just difficult to gain any sort of leverage. I'm sure it would have been easier if you removed the headlight assembly per the instructions but even with the wasted time, I was happy not to have to remove the headlight assembly. Taking the black cover off between/over the grill and radiator is essential to a successful install. Removing the grill might have made things a bit easier, and I'm not sure it is very difficult to remove. I saw 3-4 bolts but it looked fairly simple. In hindsight, I probably should have removed it but it isn't required. Saving the existing emblem is only possible if you remove the grill in my humble opinion. Disengaging all the clips on the existing emblem seems very difficult to do without damaging them if the grill is still installed and the red inlays are still in. Prying the red out of the chrome surround makes it easy but you will destroy the existing emblem this way. No way around it. I actually broke two small flat screwdrivers trying to pry out the red. Tips of them snapped clean off. They were cheaper screwdrivers but still, it's a tight fit. Should have just went at it with a bigger screwdriver not caring about damaging them because they cannot be saved. Overall impression: They are not terribly noticeable in the daylight, which I like. I haven't seen them in the dark yet but it's a good amount of light to not be obnoxious but still give it some pop. Another user mentioned that the chrome surround is lost and that it looks better. I agree. The grill on my AT4 doesn't have much chrome really except the emblem. It's a darker more subdued grey for the most part in other areas. This makes the emblem fit better on the front end for sure, visually. Unless you really like the chrome. I know many other Sierras go full chrome in a lot of places (like the Denali) so if you like that look, you might think it's a small step back. If you have an AT4 though, it's perfect, as they eliminated a lot of the chrome on that trim.
  3. Do you like it? Was it worth the price of about ~$575 depending on the day/website? Are you using it for work? Tailgating? Just curious. Behemoth of a truck, congrats. I'm fine with my 1500 AT4, heh.
  4. Get a TSB # if you can. Inquiring minds will want to know.
  5. Yeah, I am, Chicagoland area. Previous trucks always had it and I just learned to not notice it even though I cleaned and maintained my trucks very well otherwise. My new 2019 has some extra fabric guards in the wheel wells that I'm not used to having. They won't stop the frame rust, but they'll stop being able to see it quite a bit.
  6. Do you apply this directly to the rust or do you sand it off and then spray on the bare metal?
  7. Supposedly is 100W of output (50W per channel). Most portable Bluetooth speakers are around half of that in terms of raw sound. Although as far as W per $, they are much more economical. I wish I could hear one in person to get an idea of it. I think I want to purchase and install myself but don't want to be disappointed in output and end up never using it.
  8. Has anyone done the install themselves? I was watching an install video and it includes drilling 4 holes into the tailgate. Being in a snow riddled area (Chicago) I always worry about opening up possible corrosion opportunity. I suppose if the tailgate is aluminum it's less of a deal though.
  9. There's a black one in case everyone didn't already know: https://www.shopchevyparts.com/exterior/2020-sierra-1500-illuminated-gmc-emblem-black-gmc-logo-front-grille/84741559-p-92307028.html I've got a black AT4 and I've been considering going all black but the tow hooks are red and the 4 on the AT4 is red so there will always be a little red....decisions. Probably leaning towards going red?
  10. That looks....pretty great. I've got a black AT4 and I just might pick this up.
  11. Well, it's 4. You should call them back up and ask about the Brake recall I mentioned. (N192268090) There are 2 apparently. One for Brake Life % and one for malfunction.
  12. That's interesting. I do see the recalls now on the website and I also have 2 but they are these: N192273510 - Loose Alternator Cable N192268090 - Brake System Malfunction Warning I do NOT have N192264451 but I wonder if that's because I had it fixed already. I wouldn't expect them to be that "on the ball" quite frankly, but maybe they have an OTA system capable of this. Just because I had it fixed prior to an official recall.
  13. Is there something else? A bulletin isn't the same as a recall. Just curious because mine was fixed months ago and I never had a recall about it. Since it's just something visual and not safety related, I can't imagine it was an actual recall.
  14. Pretty sure they replace if over 6K but I was also well under
  15. Seems awfully coincidental it has all of the exact symptoms wouldn't you say?
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