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  1. I had it applied in mid-August and it's been working great so far. Sometimes you have to hand the dealer the TSB if you have it as most of them aren't really great at looking things up. It's just easier for them to say nothing is available when they search once and find nothing.
  2. We've been talking about it for a bit and I got the update a couple weeks ago now.
  3. This isn't true. Have you read the last few pages at all?
  4. Are you sure about not being able to reset? I haven't attempted it yet but it looks like I can on my AT4 unless it blocks it at the end.
  5. Does your model have AFM? If so, you're in for some bad news. Symptoms sound very familiar.
  6. I got my truck back today and they updated the brake system per the TSB mentioned earlier in this thread. Obviously not long enough to make any decisions yet.
  7. Honestly, that's what's most weird about this. I'm not sure how this wouldn't just be wrong for everyone, all or nothing kind of a thing. Must mean they broke it midway through at some point.
  8. Curious if anyone has any thoughts about my situation. I knew this code was electrical related but the dealership is still hunting for the root cause. I purchased the vehicle on 7/20 so tomorrow is a month. This is the third time the truck has been in at the dealer for electrical issues. The first time the radio display went dead, the second time was this same code that they thought they fixed but didn't, and now this. It's still physically at the shop but we are approaching 2 weeks (if not already there) the truck has been with the dealer and not me in the 30 days since I purchased. The dealer has been pretty good, offering loaners immediately but this is getting ridiculous at this point. The truck barely had 400 miles on it and was in for the radio display issue around 100 miles. I know defects can roll off the line at the plant but at what point is it time to demand a like for like trade or buyback? I haven't had to deal with this before and don't know if I am being unreasonable. It's not where I want to incur extra expenses because of it, that's for sure. The worst of it was when the dealer admitted his guy was bouncing around between vehicles because GM wouldn't pay them for 8 hours of work in a day. He had to only log a few hours or whatever a day. Ultimately, the entire process has left a bitter taste in my mouth for a very expensive truck.
  9. It's things that don't truly matter. Apps and such like navigation, weather, radios, etc. You aren't getting updates to critical systems or monitoring OTA.
  10. I'm actually not even sure why this is being discussed. It's safe to assume that 99% of software changes have to be done by a dealer and not OTA. Just assume that. We're not trying to get an update to the Weather app, c'mon people.
  11. My dealer confirmed that the TSB applies to my 2019 AT4 and is running the software update. For other reasons, u won't have it back today, but just updating the thread.
  12. I dropped my AT4 off at the dealer this morning for an intermittent code being thrown P3506. They spent all day on it and can't figure out why it comes and goes. They still have it and didn't look at the brakes yet. Also had the passenger side mirror chattering when I switch it to reverse instead of turning down and stopping. Apparently they think they need to replace the entire mirror for this behavior and GM is dodgy approving these...I'm sure it'll get fixed but the damn thing has 400 miles on it. If it has to get replaced, GM is replacing it. Anyway, no progress on the brake life issue for me yet. Maybe tomorrow.
  13. Classic body style? Or storage box must have been cut then? I'm torn on what to do with mine. Right now I have the storage box out and in the basement. Not sure how functional it is. The above picture has a lot cut off though. Wow. I do worry about cleaning though. I like to take them out and hose them off but having to unscrew the tire iron is a bit annoying.
  14. Almost certainly, yes. I am going tomorrow for something else, will report back what they say.
  15. I've had it once at the dealer for this already (last week) and they replaced the multifunction power supply converter saying it wasn't testing to spec. Well, code just fired again this morning, haven't called the dealer yet. It's definitely electrical and the truck runs and acts fine otherwise but I'm not thrilled I have to keep taking the truck to the dealership for little things. Just curious if anyone has seen this code on their new 2019's with only a few hundred miles on it.
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