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  1. I have a 2015 L86/6.2L 8L90e NHT truck. Before that I had a 2009 L76/6.0L 6L80e Z60 truck. I liked that truck a lot. Took a couple flashes before they got the 6L80e right. Waited and waited for them to do the L86/8L90e. The 8L90e is OK. Not great. I have had the converter and radiator replaced just like a lot of other people. TCC still slips once in a while. Have had the ECM and BCM flashed many times and it always has the latest tune from GM. It has slowly lost gas mileage. It's down to averaging in the 17s on the same commute I used to get 21-22. Every new operating system the gas mileage goes down. I suspect a lot of it is an attempt to fix various drive-ability issues with the 8L90e (there are a lot of them). It now has a loud bang when you roll from coast to accelerate quickly... it's way more than drivetrain slop. The transmission never really seems to know what to do. The latest tune partially fixed the garage park/garage flare issue (not shifting, waiting a while for the pump to build pressure) and the TCC slip issue. I have hptuners so I watch it all the time. I would say the first 15,000 miles (before the TCC ate itself and started slipping 50+rpm when locked) the truck was great. Good gas mileage, excellent driving characteristics, etc. I use both trucks about the same. Same tires (Duratrac), same configuration (extended cab, short box, 4wd), same accessories (hellwig rear sway bar, firestone bags). Tow the same boring stuff with it. Since the 6.2L didn't get any refresh on its specifications and I don't trust the 10L90e after the 8L90e problems I've had... I'll be waiting to replace my truck. Plus the lack of pause on the radio/XM on the 2016+ trucks is stupid.

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