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  1. I had an order in for a new 2500, but it still hadn’t been picked up by GM after about a month. So I found this one a few hours away, and I picked it up on Saturday morning.
  2. That's rough...Unfortunately, patience is not one of my virtues.
  3. Good information, thanks. I did reach out to the dealer just a little bit ago, and he is supposed to be checking with the managers once they are out of a meeting. So maybe they will have better info for me.
  4. I was told it is at 1100, and that I could contact the dealer for more information. This was today, maybe around 9 am EDT.
  5. Sounds like your dealer is on top of things. I placed an order last week as well (3/17), and made sure to confirm the dealer had an allocation, but GM still has not accepted the order as of today. Maybe my dealer misinformed me that they actually had an allocation?
  6. I was going to get 20% on my fronts, but the guy at the tint shop suggested that I shouldn't go that dark since Michigan only allows the top 4 inches of the front windows to be tinted. So I think I'm going to go with 35%, hopefully the difference isn't that noticeable.
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