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  1. I have a 39' 5er that is just over 14k lbs dry, 2100+ lb pin weight, and GVWR over 16k lbs. When I stayed in-state in Michigan I had no problem pulling it with my '21 2500 HD gasser, even on trips of close to 200 miles. However, when we made plans to start taking it out of state (Georgia, Texas) I decided to move up to a '22 3500 HD dually diesel. Pulling through any kind of mountain elevation, like in West Virginia, I knew I was going to be happy to have the diesel and the extra stability of the dually. Overall I was seeing about 2 mpg better in the diesel than the gas when pulling that kind of load, and about 3-4 mpg better unloaded. Granted I went from a CCSB 2500 to a CCLB DRW 3500, so the truck weighs more and is even less aerodynamic.
  2. Ordering for 2024 Chevy HD's has been open for months, and the trucks have been hitting lots since some time in March.
  3. I stand corrected, just looked up the owner's manual. I don't have the feature on my '22 LTZ, but I did have it on my '21 High Country, and I thought it was only the FCA. I guess I never got into a situation that required the automatic braking, but it is good to know the feature was there. I think I crossed up my thinking because of the Lane Change Alert only being a warning, and is not the same as Lane Keep Assist.
  4. Was this in your '21 HD? I'm fairly confident that the '20-'23 HDs don't have AEB or IBA, only following distance indicator and forward collision alert. These are just alerts (seat vibration, sound, and lights, if equipped) and don't actually provide braking assistance.
  5. Good to know. I wonder if it is tuned differently with increased hp and torque, similar to what the 1500's have been doing since 2014.
  6. Is E85 FlexFuel available on other trim levels than the base and work truck models now?
  7. I have noticed that the seats on my 2022 3500 HD LTZ seem to be a little softer than they were on my 2021 2500 HD High Country. Maybe the "full" leather on the higher trim is to blame?
  8. I am using a Curt A25 with the industry standard rails, and I have not had any issues, just need to be aware on tight turns. I know my setup is different than OP using the factory puck system, but as far as I have heard the factory puck system actually sits slightly rear of the rear axle. So OP, you would have more clearance to the cab, and should be good with a standard mount.
  9. How well did you do on the trade in with the AT4?
  10. I am also not light on the throttle, and most trips up north and back I set cruise to 82 in the 75 mph speed limit zones and 76 in the 70 mph zones, just as I did this past weekend. On my current tank with ~180 miles each way, and some in town driving of about 80 miles total, I averaged 15.9 mpg (pic for proof). I wasn’t towing anything and I wasn’t hauling much, but I did stop and start the truck probably at least 20 times over the weekend. So it does depend on how you use the truck, but I’ll take that mpg since I was barely getting better than that with my 2020 Ram 1500 CC with the hemi, 8 speed, and 3.92 gears on the same trips last year. Again, I decided I would rather have some of the creature comforts (cooled seats, etc.) than the diesel, but both are sweet setups.
  11. I get that, there is a trade off for sure between the diesel and gas, better mpg vs lower up front cost. My point was that no one is buying an HD truck and expecting hybrid car fuel economy, or at least no one should be. I was detailing what I am seeing currently, with a similar use case to the OP, and that has resulted in 14.3 mpg over 6500+ miles so far with the gas engine. @CRApex might have experience with both the gas and diesel in these trucks, but are you using the truck in a similar fashion to the OP? Or since you have 3 of the new HDs, maybe you use them for work more than play, and that changes the expected mpg if you are always hauling things and/or towing a work trailer?
  12. You’re right, my bad, everyone buying HD trucks is buying them for their fuel economy… Also, I gave specific information about what my real world mileage is, so maybe don’t come at me like I’m giving misinformation, thanks.
  13. I wasn’t looking to offend or argue, I was just asking why I see a lot of guys on here that don’t own the gasser stating the mpg numbers. I like both engines, and went back and forth before I purchased the gas, because I felt more comfortable with it in the end. But I also don’t think people should be giving misinformation about something that they don’t have firsthand knowledge of. Most people aren’t buying HD trucks because they’re worried about fuel mileage, but I agree it does hurt sometimes when I see the pump hit triple digits for fuel cost.
  14. Not sure if you're still on the fence or not. For me I do use the HD surround vision, it helps with parking, especially with objects in the front and making sure you are within the lines with the top down view. The rearview camera is sort of neat at first, but it's more of a gimmick. I have it in both my truck and my '19 Camaro, and I don't really ever use it in either. I also have the collision safety features, and I leave most on, but I turned off the lane departure warning because it was ALWAYS going off since these trucks are big and I usually ride the right line. As for the purchase price, as others have said you can settle on a price with the salesman, but the Finance Manager will try to upsell items like tire protection, extended warranty, and gap insurance. You can always tell them no though, just need wear your mean face that day.
  15. Since 2000: 1979 Ford F-100 Ranger Single Cab lifted (when Ranger was just a trim level on a full size truck) 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab 5.3L 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT Double Cab 4.3L 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Crew Cab 3.6L 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 5.7L 2021 Chevy Silverado 2500HD High Country Crew Cab 6.6L plus many cars scattered in there.
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