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  1. The biggest problem is probably oil consumption. Fixes are an updated driver side valve cover and a oil pressure relief shield in the oil pan. You can also do an oil catch can. Second issue is DOD lifter failure. People claim that both of these issues are improved by disabling active fuel management but I think they will fail eventually and youd be better off with a non-DOD cam. Third issue is leaking oil and transmission cooler lines. The oil cooler lines leak above the filter head and can be fixed with a quick gasket change. The trans cooler lines leak at a crimp connection in front of the engine and can be fixed by cutting and flaring the line and just putting in a new piece of trans cooler hose. Edit: I forgot about oil pressure issues, but lots of people have low pressure caused by junk on the screen below the sending unit. If it isn't that, it is likely the oil pickup o-ring.
  2. Long time without visiting, but the title needs an update...
  3. Nothing wrong with a fast truck if you ask me. 637 rwhp is stout though. And it would take a very high hp diesel to be as fast as a good gas 1/2 ton, but the diesel would be more useful.
  4. Finally got the sheet from the dyno. Looks like it got corrected a little bit upwards to 518:
  5. There are a few Gen IV 6.2 builds that have been done on other sites, but not on this one. Gen IV 6.2s don't seem to hold boost like the smaller motors, so the majority of people that have gone turbo have also hurt their pistons doing it and have ended up putting in forged components. I have yet to see a completed 2014+ 6.2 truck that has a turbo, but there are probably some out there.
  6. You planning to go to that on any particular date, Ryan?
  7. Nope just a very stock looking 2009 5.3 truck. I have a little under 8k in everything I have added under the hood and for the supporting mods like the fuel system and gauges. But, I did all of the install work myself so it is probably a bit cheaper than most would think.
  8. It was an event that one of my friends was involved in, and I wasn't busy so I drove up and made my 3 pulls. I ended up with the highest of the day by about 7 hp over a 5.7 GTO with headers, cam, and 125 shot of nitrous. The dyno operator was really impressed considering it was a truck on all factory drivetrain/wheels/tires making a 3rd gear pull instead of 4th.
  9. Results: 515 hp and 487 lb-ft only pulling to 6k! (dynojet dyno) Mods: Roush TVS1900 with 10% overdrive lower pulley, 219/234 BTR specd cam, PRC stage 1 LS6 heads w BTR platinum springs with Ti retainers, Kooks 1 7/8 headers with catless y pipe, factory NNBS flex fuel pump, and 6.2 flex fuel injectors. Tuned for 93 octane by Blackbear performance They started to fall off because we were running a lot of times back to back. The truck's stock 60k all terrains couldnt hook on the dyno at all. Wound up with 600 lb in the bed and double strapped with 25 psi in the tires to make the pulls we got. Here is a video from the highest power run at Hoosier Street Cars in Lafayette, IN:
  10. It sounds like a lot, but it really took me less than a week to do all of the install work if you put it all together. I have a build thread with pictures of the whole process.
  11. PRC Stage 1 LS6 heads with a 219/234 BTR spec'd cam along with BTR platinum dual springs and titanium retainers. That is on top of the factory 5.3 which has obviously been DOD deleted. All of it is capped off with a Roush TVS1900 with the 3.3 upper pulley and 10% overdrive lower pulley to make around 10 psi of boost. For exhaust, I have a Corsa sport dual rear exit behind catless Kooks 1 7/8" long tube headers. Fuel system is swapped to the complete pump and injector system of a 6.2 flex fuel truck. Plugs are swapped for BR7EFs and Taylor wires are used to help clear the headers. All tuned by Blackbear performance on 93 octane.
  12. That was the question i got all night. But the details are in my signature.
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