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  1. Would you consider selling the wheels in lieu of trading? If so how much.
  2. What about this: https://www.diablosport.com/products/i2.html???Seems like it will work on both vehicles and do what I am wanting to do. Anyone have any experience with the Diablo I2030?
  3. I've heard about the Range and read about the possibility of it draining the battery when the car is parked for a couple days. Does this device do anything to clean up the transmission shifting?
  4. Just bought the wife a 2011 yukon xl denali with the 6.2 engine and I am wanting to disable the afm on it. I can feel it when it goes from 8cyl to 4cyl mode and I don't like it. I would also like to clean up the shifting of the transmission on it. I have a 2014 sierra crew cab with the 5.3 and I wouldn't mind doing the same to my truck. Is there a product out there that I could buy that would work on both vehicles? I have been reading a bunch of old threads about tuning and haven't come up with a good answer yet. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Ended up pulling the trigger and bought the Yukon. Love everything about it so far, but did notice when cruising when the afm kicks in and out there is a small change in RPM's and I can feel it when driving. Should I buy a tuner and disable the afm? I'm not worried about the effect on gas mileage, I just want this engine to last a long time.
  6. I'm looking at a used yukon xl with the 6.2l engine for my wife and I was wondering if this model has AFM or not. We haven't had a chance to look at the vehicle in person yet, so I'm not sure if this one does or not. I have always heard that the 6.2l are good engines, but I though they didn't have AFM until recently. I saw somewhere online that the denali's had it though. Can someone help me out? Is this a good car? It has about 55k miles on it. I had a 2009 sierra with the 5.3 that had a lifter issue and I traded it in for a 2014. I don't really want to buy this car if I am going to have that issue again. HELP!!! Larry
  7. I know this has probably been discussed many times on here but I have yet to find a clear answer. I have a '14 crew cab sierra all terrain and I am going to get a 2" leveling kit from rough country. What is the tallest tire I can fit on my truck once I install the leveling kit? I'm looking more for height, I like the width of the stock 275 55 20 tires. I will be installin the tires on the stock all terrain wheels. Any complaints with the RC 2" leveling kit on the newer trucks? I installed one on my '09 sierra when I had it and didn't have any problems.
  8. Looking to sell my set of grey and black neoprene seat covers. Fits 07-13 crew cab models (I had them in my 09 GMC) with 40/20/40 front seats. No tears, rips, or cuts only slight discoloration in the grey from normal use. Paid well over $500 brand new from the factory. Asking $250 plus shipping. Located in Houston. Please text 281-808-nine.zero.five.three, I don't get on here much. Thanks.
  9. I replaced my chrome door handles (set of 4) with black ones and need to sell these quickly! Nothing wrong with them at all. Asking $80 plus shipping. Please text me at 281-808-nine.zero.five.three. I don't get on here very much and that is the quickest way to contact me. Located in Houston.
  10. I will try to take some pictures when i get home tonight. They are black with grey in the middle sections.
  11. I have a full set of seat covers that I am selling. They have a slight stain on the driver's side seat but are in good condition otherwise. Comes with 60/40 back seat and 40/20/40 front seats (including console cover). Asking $250.00. Text 281-808-nine.zero.five.three if interested.
  12. Looking to swap out my chrome door handles and mirrors for someone with black ones in the Houston area. Text 281-808-nine.zero.five.three if you are interested.
  13. Thanks, i searched all over youtube and google and could never fine it!
  14. I spoke with GM customer support last week and they said it has to be installed at the factory when the truck is being assembled. I spoke with GM customer support last week and they said it has to be installed at the factory when the truck is being assembled.
  15. How do i move my upper bed tie-downs? They came installed from the dealership and I want to move them around. I know they unscrew but i didn't want to unscrew them all the way and loose parts down in the bed cavity or something.
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