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  1. That's precisely what those notches are for in the bed. There are other notches throughout the bed that allow you to add dividers.
  2. Traded in for Denali

    What's the billet grill look like?
  3. The 2.25 appears to be more level/even than the 2.5. Does this hold true with 2WD as well? I'd like to level out the front of my 2WD but I don't want the front to appear higher than the rear.
  4. Interesting. Guess I never really paid much attention on my last truck. I never really used it, but the factory radio is so poor, I've actually been using it on this truck. When it went out after 3 months, I was surprised. I'm more surprised I haven't been bombarded with calls to renew it. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. What's the reason GMC only receives 3 months free and Chevrolet gets 12 months? Or the Camaro does at least. I couldn't find where it said how many months the Silverado got from my phone. It used to be 12 months for all GM products even Onstar. It looks like even that has been reduced to 6 months.
  6. No drilling or any modifications required?
  7. 5202/PS24 25watt Fog Light HID kit

    What route did you decide to go for the fogs?
  8. I didn't think they made anything plug and play for the Sierra. That's what I need
  9. Here's the original post talking about the U-bolt
  10. I thought it had to do with the travel of the newly exposed threads, maybe they can be cut. I can't recall though. Just speculating.
  11. I remember reading someone recommended replacing the u-bolt. Don't know if it was this thread or why they recommended it.
  12. Everything was plug and play?
  13. So the putco bulbs you bought for the headlights didn't match the LED strips in the headlights?
  14. Projectors are a joke in these trucks. :/ My wife's 2012 Acadia is better
  15. I had a 3/5 on my last Sierra and I had it shimmed up pretty good, but was still getting vibrations at freeway speeds. I love the way it looks, just don't want the headache.

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