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  1. MPG Update: After 4 tanks of gas I have noticed approx. 0.5 MPG increase in city driving and slightly over 1 MPG increase on Highway driving.
  2. I am liking the touring more so far. It is noticably louder and deeper than stock, but not wake up the neighbors loud. It is exactly what I was looking for and as stated before I am glad it is not any louder. I kept the stock muffler, but I have no intentions of reinstalling unless MPGs start to suffer or the muffler gets a lot louder over time.
  3. Update: I did not tell my wife about the muffler swap to see if she would be able to notice the difference inside the cab. We went on a 350 mile trip this past weekend, and she did not notice. I can definitely tell the difference in volume/tone, and would not want the muffler any louder. The purpose of telling this was to emphasize that there is no drone with this muffler. Secondly, and most intriguing, I ran the numbers on the MPG for the trip and got better gas mileage than I have seen in the last 1.5 years. The trip was up and down through winding hilly roads and not interstate. I have never been impressed with the gas mileage of my truck and was hoping I would not see a decrease in MPG, so I am thrilled with the results so far. I have hand calculated my MPG since day one and keep a running spreadsheet. I will update this thread after a few more tanks of gas as to whether or not the increase continues.
  4. Where does it say/show they are on clearance?
  5. I apologize for the delay, as it has been an extremely busy week for me. The video quality is not that great as it was shot with my iphone. The audio does not really capture how low the tone is that well. Cold start and idle http://s25.photobuck...nt=5ba542db.mp4 Light acceleration- Windows Up http://s25.photobuck...nt=b128da67.mp4 This video is of the same muffler as well and captures the sound/tone better than my videos.
  6. Took a video and will try to get it posted tonight.
  7. The part number for the sport muffler is 19131347. A muffler of the same dimensions is sold on the Borla site for $200, while the gm labeled is $73.
  8. You can buy the GMPP Touring and sport mufflers from Borla. I believe you can order the entire system as well, but I went the cheapest route possible just in case I didnt like the sound. I had it installed in San Antonio. They had to add a small (2-3") elbow to line up with the stock piping. They clamped the back side of the muffler to the piping. I am going to check for leaks around the clamp and may have them weld it too. I didnt notice that it wasnt welded in the back until I got home.
  9. http://www.borla.com/products/product_detail.aspx?prod_sku=19131346 This is the muffler only. The muffler is stamped "GM Performance Parts"
  10. Muffler- $90 shipped Install at Midas- $90
  11. I had the GMPP Touring muffler installed last night, and so far I am liking it a lot. I have gone back and forth for 2 years on whether or not I wanted to change the muffler, and finally pulled the trigger. I ordered the muffler from Borla. I know a lot of people are on the fence about which muffler to install for a little more sound without drone, and I would definitely suggest this muffler. The truck sounds much better at start up and idle. When accelerating, you can definitely tell a difference (not wake up the neighbors loud), but as soon as you start to cruise it is silent. I have noticed that my truck seems to switch to V4 more often and stay in V4 longer than before. The most important thing is that there is no drone and that you really have to pay attention with the a/c and radio off to hear when it switches to V4. I will see what I can do about getting a video posted.
  12. How often should I put my truck into four wheel drive to move the gears and fluids?
  13. I have this rattle too and I cannot stand it. It rattles with the door open or closed without anything in it. I have removed all panels looking for the rattle, but still havent fixed it. Mine appears after the truck has sat in the sun and heated up, and goes away after about 15 minutes of driving. After removing the glovebox, I discovered that it appears to made from two pieces of plastic that are molded together, and I think they are moving causing the rattle. I can squeeze on the box and the noise will stop. Went to the dealer this morning and they ordered me a new lower glove box assembly. Hopefully this fixes my problem.
  14. I just cant picture where this is occuring. Does anyone have any pictures?
  15. Wouldnt the wheel well liners prevent this from happening?
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