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  1. 1996 Blazer has 210k, original motor, intake has never even been off it. Runs like a champ. 2000 3/4 Ton Silvy has 175k, original motor, burns oil but it's a plow truck since day one. To be expected. It gets beat. Old 1995 Silverado half ton 350, the guy who owns it now said it just rolled over 600k. Yeah, six hundred thousand miles. He drives it down to Arizona once or twice every week for work.
  2. Tranny shift points failure is consistent with throttle position sensor. Check it, it's a common (and pretty cheap) replacement. Plus, if its reading funny, it'll confuse the hell out of the PCM.
  3. In my experience GM factory ball joints will either last like 200k miles, or they won't make it to 50.
  4. I use 4HI. And i use Auto4WD when driving around town, unless there's lots of snow. My 6.0 has never had any issues as far as having the balls to push the snow. I've plowed through 2'6" of slush with this thing and that appears to be as much i'd put it through. That was fighting to keep traction on all fours. But the first plow i did with this thing i knew auto 4wd was a bad plan. I knew i didn't want to be able to feel it jerk into 4wd
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