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  1. One shock it is for 2007 and up Chevrolet Silverado goes for $86.22 on Summit Racing it is new out of tha package never been used. Contact me on here, I would like 45 dollars plus shipping.
  2. It is a mission to replace the headlight bulbs when they go out. I run the Silver Star, they look great but they don't last very long. The longest they've lasted is about a year. Thinking of switching to H.I.D lights on my headlights & fog lights.
  3. A reason y I would like to remove the side moldings are that they are fading. But I don't like how GMT-900 Silverados looks without the side moldings. If my truck was an 2006 I would have removed them already. Side moldings are great for when people slam their door on my door. On time a kid did that to my 2003 Suburban and thank god for those moldings nothing happened but if not I'm pretty sure it would have gotten a dent without the side moldings. But the GMT-800 SUVs & Trucks do looks great without them.
  4. My caps were also sprayed over, If I could do it again I would remove the caps.
  5. This is my 2007 V-Max, I have added about 5,000 more miles since then. Truck has been great, biggest problem was when my transmission broke. But the 100,000 mile power train warranty covered it.
  6. L76PWRD

    Favorite Feature

    My truck has rear disc brakes.
  7. L76PWRD

    Favorite Feature

    Pretty much exactly what I did. Believe me when I say the new power plant is alot better than the L76 Vmax with NHT. Even though they are similar in almost every option, it's VERY different in a good way. I've not thought once the trade wasn't worth it. Yeah, Ive driven a 2010 Silverado with the 6.2 & 6 Speed and I was amazed with the power. I would need to get used to the truck shifting so much though.
  8. L76PWRD

    Favorite Feature

    My favorite features are: 6.0 L76 4L70 Transmission 20 Inch Rims Leather Interior Rear Disc Brakes Power Seats 14 Bolt Rear LTZ Package Vortec Max Package My next truck would be a truck exactly like mine, only differences would be a 6.2 & 6 Speed Auto.
  9. Tried adding some 16s on my 2006 Silverado, the 16s will fit the rear drums. But the front calipers won't clear the rims.
  10. 2007 Suburban with 2655 engine hours with 90798 miles.
  11. The spacers are to remove the rear lift blocks to drop it 3 inches in the rear.
  12. Wanna race a newer 6.0? I'm thinking of adding 4.10, I got 3.73 now. I believe I could take a newer 6.0l with a 4 speed without NOS or my supercharger I put on for track racing. What performance mods have you done to your 6.0? My 4 Speed Is a HydraMatic 4l70e Heavy Duty Transmission With Overdrive lol.
  13. Wanna race a newer 6.0? I'm thinking of adding 4.10, I got 3.73 now.
  14. As I always say who buys a truck for gas mileage? My 6.0l gets about the same than my 2006 5.3l got to let you know. My 6.0 is faster and could haul & tow better than my old 5.3. Both engines are pretty reliable though. Liked the 5.3 a lot but after owning a 6.0 I don't think I can go back to a 5.3l, next truck will be a 6.2l with 6 speed auto with 3.73 gears, screw the mileage.
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