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  1. First press and hold the button for ~2 seconds, after the system says "Ready" say "Bluetooth", after the system says "Bluetooth ready" then say "Pair", then follow the instructions. The commands are listed in the owner's manual. Thanks for the tips. I got it paired now. My owners manual doesn't have the commands because the truck never came with bluetooth (2008). Can someone post the procedure to add #'s and use the bluetooth commands? Thanks.
  2. Today I installed a VCIM that I bought off ebay. Install was a breeze using your instuctions, thanks. I can't get my DroidX to see it. Are there any other commands that are possible? A quick press of the voice button just mutes the radio and puts a voice icon on the nav screen. Holding it longer makes it ask for radio voice commands but it won't recognize me saying "pair". Also, do you where I can find the procedure or list of commands to use and program #'s in when I do get it working? Thanks!
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