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  1. I've got the same truck and same problem. Fuse immediately blows when I turn truck on and plug in phone charger adapter, without even plugging phone in.
  2. Please tell me this isn't normal on a truck that has 23k miles on it.
  3. Am I better off fixing it myself with Silicone or taking this into dealer? Just noticed the leak started with the recent rainy weather.
  4. Does the water on the floor come from the same leak from the antenna fin? For the record, I've got the leak too. Bought new in August 2016, currently has 14k miles.
  5. The chrome on my running boards is peeling off in huge chunks on my 2016 HD Denali in less than 10k miles. Is this covered under bumper to bumper? Very disappointed with crap like this.
  6. Thanks, will try setting the parking brake before shifting into park. The hill hold assist is turned off.
  7. Just bought a new '16 Sierra 2500 Duramax Denali on Monday. Has 125 miles on it. Three times now after parking in my driveway, which has a slight uphill grade, I come out and put it in reverse (or drive if I backed in) and it doesn't move. Not an inch. The only way to get it to move is to put it into drive and move 2 inches, then reverse and it will go. It only seems to do that when it is warm. Didn't do it this morning after sitting all night. Does not do this on flat ground. Am I missing something here?? Does the transmission just need to break in? Any help is appreciated.
  8. I changed the oil after my pressure went to zero, and oil pressure cane right back up and stayed. Took it to dealer anyway and they say that low oil was cause if problem and if I really wanted, I could change sender and screen but for $400. I opted not to and had ten apply GM tb to replace drivers side valve cover. Also, installed Range chip and sea-foamed intake, fuel and oil. Truck runs much better, with no oil pressure issues for a week. Going to change oil when it gets dark. Took off intake to see what manifold looked like and there's oil puddled up. Catch can is on the way.
  9. Has anyone posted detailed instructions for the catch can installation on one of these trucks? Also, is Auto RX or sea foam better for cleaning out engine and trying to un-stick rings?
  10. What else is there besides Sea Foam to help free the rings?
  11. Quick update: after sitting for a week, I was able to change the oil and filter today. After changing oil, oil pressure went to 40 psi and stayed there. Drove it about 15 miles to dealership and stayed right around/little bit under 40 psi. Acting nothing like it was before. But I did notice smoke under hard accel and really noticed the black film on condensation out of tailpipe and a ton of carbon on exhaust pipe and bumper. My truck is at 107,770 miles. Is there any chance a dealer would goodwill overhaul or help me out? This thing has consumed oil for a while but there's no way I can af
  12. What are my options if I am past the warranty period? A Range chip is on the way.
  13. Taking into dealership this week. Hoping for something simple. This thing is consuming a lot of oil and I will be getting a Range chip to turn off AFM. What would a black oily film on the condensation coming out of the tailpipe mean?
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