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  1. Cool - I got mine yesterday as I had ordered (matte) before your post. Hope I have better luck. I heated the tape on the deflector and pushed it all down again and heated the hood too. Time will tell.....yikes.
  2. I can say that the dealer installed GM guards on my 19 Trail Boss stop tire dressing sling surprisingly well so I'm guessing it will do very well with stones and the like.
  3. Well that just sucks. I don't think I've ever seen one come off the deflector first. Hopefully they will replace it for you. I use 20lb test fishing line and a heat gun and comes right off. Hard to do on the side of the road I'll bet.
  4. Did you buy a 19 or 20 or are you just here stirring the pot......if you did buy one, why are you whining about it now - unless you were legally blind when you made your purchase.
  5. So because your preference is a " real 6'5" bed" everyone else that has a preference for a balanced look short bed is wrong or has no taste........and I didn't know Chevy made a "fake" "6'5" bed to begin with. Glad you were luck enough to get a real one....whew!!
  6. Great pic - it prodded me to order one for my white 19 LT TB. I went with matte to match all my trim and will post pics tomorrow if Amazon does their part. Amazon free return on this if I don't like the matte LOL.
  7. SILVERADO - just aesthetics and peraonal preference for me. I'm sure that will change in 2021 with my next purchase. Recent purchase history: 2007 Silverado LTZ 2011 Sierra SLT 2014 Sierra All Terrain 2017 GMC Yukon SLT Premier 2019 Sliverado LT Trail Boss
  8. What did you pay and what did you sell it for.....asking for a friend LOL.
  9. You have to keep them clean for the best look. If you drive dirty them I may agree. I'm a clean truck guy and I love the black. I traded a Yukon SLT Premier with chrome and they were difficult to keep nice through the Michigan winter. Guess we'll see how the black holds up with a ceramic coating on it. So far loving the black!
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