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  1. Towing with a CBT

    This it?
  2. Towing with a CBT

    Sorry...CTB...custom trail boss or TBC...Trail Boss Custom... Was a typo.
  3. Towing with a CBT

    Do you think I can get the factory brake controller installed at the Chevy house?
  4. Towing with a CBT

    Thanks for all the input. We were just going to rent one. So I have no idea what plug it has or brakes. What should I look for as far as brakes and wiring? We don't want a huge one...something like 14ft or smaller.
  5. The wife and I are thinking of taking the kiddos on a camping trip and towing along a camping trailer. The only problem is, I've never towed anything other than a small trailer for my bike. (No supporting brakes) My question is: Will I be able to tow a camping trailer that has additional braking, even tho my CBT does not have the "brake tester" feature on the console? Will the additional brakes on the trailer still work or will I be solely relying on the trucks brakes?
  6. Emblem Removal

    With the string method....Viola, I now drive the "ST" model!
  7. Trail Boss Throttle Response

    Yes, but right now there is no tuner available. Until then, just wondering if anyone has "plugged and played"?
  8. Anyone plugged in something like a SEC10 or Pedal Commander to the 2019 CBT?
  9. Custom Trail Boss headlights

    How does this panel come off? I'd like to put the fog lights in but am worried about breaking things on the disassembly process.
  10. Anyone looked into installing the accessory power plugs in the dash or bed of a custom trail boss?
  11. TB Has bad exhaust placement

    Just confirmed...went to Chevy house..that's how they come Whew!!
  12. TB Has bad exhaust placement

    You think the exhaust is just shaped that way? (Seriously, not being a smart ass)
  13. TB Has bad exhaust placement

    Maybe better to ding the exhaust than to ding the tranny pan.
  14. So I played a little down a mud trail and this is the result... The exhaust pipe actually sits lower than the frame and got dinged up pretty good. Guess it's time for a Flowmaster and some new tube routing.

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