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  1. And again last night my screen wen out completely....before it would still be lit up, just now responding to touches.... Now it's all black, except the background illumination and I actually got a phone call while happening and the Bluetooth still connected.... @Tripp Tripp Have you taken yours in yet? What they say?
  2. Immediately take at your camera and record it....mines done it twice now and Ive recorded for the service department when I go in for next oil change. You'll need proof as dollars to donuts it won't show up when you take it in.
  3. Bump* I couldn't find the accessory on the LEER link provided.
  4. Are they electric? Lumbar support for lower back? I'm considering doing the leather at local aftermarket shop, wonder if they can put in lumbar support?
  5. It's cloth, but I'm most interested in the lumbar support for my back.
  6. I use the Range disabler plugged in to my OBD and haven't unplugged since I stared using it with absolutely no issues with battery drain.
  7. Has anyone come up with a solution to the extremely uncomfortable seats in the new Chevys? I took my '07 F150 in for an alignment and couldn't believe how much more comfortable the Ford is compared to my TB. Anyone traded out the seats yet for more comfy ones?
  8. True that...maybe spinning at 25mph??? But then I drove home about 1mile with the ESC on?
  9. It wasnt but 5mph at most...was a pretty slow crawl
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