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  1. No those are upside down, they are actually captains wings, therefore it just increases off the line torque.
  2. Personally it's looks fine to me. What is most important to me tho, is no more rock dings.
  3. Was wondering what or if people are doing to their truck front ends. Please submit pics to help make a decision of which product looks best. Thanks in advance.
  4. Put the Lund bug deflector on after a small rock ding on my hood.
  5. The Range + is a plug n play to eliminate the V4 mode of AFM.
  6. Do you have the Range + in your OBD? Does this also eliminate the V4 mode?
  7. Which engine and transmission do you have? AFM or DFM? 6 or 8 speed?2019 or 2020?
  8. I'm still looking for the locking seat part number, if anyone has it.... already did the arm rest/seat back swap per Jeffed.
  9. Does anyone have the part number for the bottom seat part of the center jumper? Or anyone want to sell their locking seat?
  10. Wondering if anyone has the part number for the LOWER part of the jump seat that has the locking storage?
  11. Sorry...CTB...custom trail boss or TBC...Trail Boss Custom... Was a typo.
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