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  1. They came out of a 2014 chevrolet silverado crew cab with the bench front seat. Black in color and only reason i'm selling is the truck has been traded in. I would like to sell local $100.00 (Northshore MA) but I am open to shipping.
  2. The kit was only on the truck for 3 months. The truck had aluminum arms. The part number is 1305. I am looking to get 75.00 for it. I would like to sell local (Northshore MA) but I am open to shipping.
  3. The cover came off a 2014 chevrolet silverado crew cab with the 5'8" bed. Only reason for selling is the truck has been traded in. I am looking to get 175 for it and would rather sell local (Northshore MA) but may be open to shipping for the right price.
  4. Yeah and they are all clear.... I'm trying to figure out what is going on with it... Ive poured water all over with a hose and haven't had it leak again
  5. That is exactly what I would expect to see when the third break light was leaking. This has to be my sunroof. Thanks for the reply and pictures
  6. They originally replaced the shark fin and then when I brought it back again they said the third brake light. But my extended warranty does not cover the third brake light.
  7. Well after re sealing the brake light and putting some clear rtv on the outside I brought it through a touchless wash and we had heavy rains with no leaks....heres to hoping it's fixed.
  8. I brought my truck to the dealer and they diagnosed the leak as the third break light. I brought it home and put some rtv sealant on it and put it all back together. Came out after some rain about a week later and it still leaked. Could it be the sunroof? I checked the drains and water leaked out as it should behind the front tires. It seems a little far forward for it to be the third break light. I just took it off again and re sealed it and put some clear silicone on the outside of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Mine is the same exact color and is peeling in the same exact spot on the same exact door and the same exact year. I brought it in and the service adviser said wow that doesn't seem right. They had my truck for some other issues. They came back and said sorry we can't help. I called GM...they gave me a canned response. The guy kept mentioning what he said when we talked earlier...but we never talked earlier. I got another email from GM and they said if it wasn't resolved to call them. I have called twice in the last month with no response. I can't believe it's a 2014 and paint is peeling off.
  10. My truck is doing it in the same exact spot as you two. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago. Brought it in for service and told them about it. I showed them the passenger side door where it is really bad and on the drivers side where it it is starting to come off. It's a 2014 with 44k. The dealership told me it falls outside of the 3/36k bumper to bumper. I told them I could understand if it was one door but to be in the same exact spot on both rear doors shows there is something more going on. I called customer service and the rep did call me back today but I missed the call. Hopefully they will do something.
  11. I just had 275/70/18 put on my stock silverado on the stock wheels two hours ago. No rubbing at full lock.
  12. I had a 2.5 rough country level on my 2014 Silverado 1500. It made a clicking sound when I turned the wheel and only when it was warm. Cold it was silent. I took it out and I've read up that a 2in level alone won't do it. I'm debating on putting that back in this weekend. I have aluminum arms by the way.
  13. I ended up just taking the level out and the noise is gone. Kinda bummed but i'm over trying to track it down and seeing if there is a fix.
  14. Is yours leveled? If so which level do you have? I have a 2.5 RC in my 2014 and everything you are saying and watching your video is exactly the same as my truck. When I bought the truck they tried to sell me an extended warranty and I declined saying I was just going to void it anyway with the 2.5 level and they told me anything under four is fine. We will see. I miss my 08...Had 100k when I traded it in and I had zero issues with any of this. Had a 2.5 RC level in it for over 75k and I only replaced a wheel bearing and a lower ball joint when it hit 95k. If it was a crew cab instead of an extended I would have kept it. Putting the baby in the back of an extended cab got old quick.
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