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  1. My truck is doing it in the same exact spot as you two. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago. Brought it in for service and told them about it. I showed them the passenger side door where it is really bad and on the drivers side where it it is starting to come off. It's a 2014 with 44k. The dealership told me it falls outside of the 3/36k bumper to bumper. I told them I could understand if it was one door but to be in the same exact spot on both rear doors shows there is something more going on. I called customer service and the rep did call me back today but I missed the call. Hopefully they will do something.
  2. I just had 275/70/18 put on my stock silverado on the stock wheels two hours ago. No rubbing at full lock.
  3. I had a 2.5 rough country level on my 2014 Silverado 1500. It made a clicking sound when I turned the wheel and only when it was warm. Cold it was silent. I took it out and I've read up that a 2in level alone won't do it. I'm debating on putting that back in this weekend. I have aluminum arms by the way.
  4. I ended up just taking the level out and the noise is gone. Kinda bummed but i'm over trying to track it down and seeing if there is a fix.
  5. Is yours leveled? If so which level do you have? I have a 2.5 RC in my 2014 and everything you are saying and watching your video is exactly the same as my truck. When I bought the truck they tried to sell me an extended warranty and I declined saying I was just going to void it anyway with the 2.5 level and they told me anything under four is fine. We will see. I miss my 08...Had 100k when I traded it in and I had zero issues with any of this. Had a 2.5 RC level in it for over 75k and I only replaced a wheel bearing and a lower ball joint when it hit 95k. If it was a crew cab instead of an extended I would have kept it. Putting the baby in the back of an extended cab got old quick.
  6. N-Fab vs. Rough Country Nerf Bars

    I ordered the rough country wheel to wheel steps for my 08 last year. All the paperwork inside of the box said N-FAB. I don't know if they are the same exact steps just rebranded or what.
  7. I have a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 with a 2" rough country level kit and 78xxx miles. Started to hear a noise on the driver side and looked under the truck and my sway bar link is snapped. I have two questions...How do you measure the link if I was to go after market and my second question is should I just head down the dealer and get a oem replacement.
  8. Yeah, if I parked in a full parking lot I would def. not have done it
  9. BudmanZ71

    2008 Silverado 1500 Z71
  10. I'm sorry the album was set to private...does it work now...
  11. I attached the two pics above. I used 20 test fishing line to pull off everything. After that we used a eraser wheel to get the heavy stuff off and then on to the 3M adhesive remover and the sticky basically just fell off. After all that you could see where everything used to be. Hit it with the buffer and compound and then some wax and you can't even tell they were there.
  12. OK, so what trim package do you have? OK, what year, make, model and trim package do you have? Let's give them what they want so we can get this all fixed. I'm sorry I was running out the door for work so I will be a little more specific When I first start my truck it is properly displaying the song that is playing...we will call it song 1. Now when song 2 comes on it is still showing song 1's information on the XM. Now if I press the station again on the ogm1 then it switches to the current song information and is fine from there on out. It does that almost every time I start my truck. The other problem I have been having is that sometimes it is only showing the preview stations of XM and I have to reset the radio to get my XM going again. I swapped out to my factory radio for a couple of days and it was fine. Put the advent back in and that problem starts back up again. And last but not least is sometimes the bluetooth does not pick up my phone. I shut the bluetooth off on the radio and then turn it back on after a couple of seconds and then it finally links with my phone. I have a 2008 silverado LT EDIT: I also forgot that the nav has been crashing a lot lately. A windows type screen comes up and gives a error message and I have to start the nav over again.
  13. I have had to reset my radio multiple times to get the XM to work. Sometimes it would not display the correct information....the current song would be on and then when it changed the information didn't change. If I hit the station on the radio again it would change. I have had to reset my radio at least five times to get it to work.
  14. Mine has done the same thing with having to restart the radio to get the XM to work...

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