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  1. lame - sorry to hear this. i know it's annoying as hell. as i mentioned previously, my 2017 1500 did this same exact thing and i just put some rubber sheets between the leafs and it fixed it just fine. i think another guy posted that he used a cut bike tube and that there's a you tube video of it - you should be able to find it. i used a rubber-like shelf paper/covering that i found at home depot and that worked fine too. good luck to ya.
  2. Wasting no time, dropped off at the dealer this morning and it was fixed by noon. Nice. Have to says 'hats off' to Simpson Chevy Irvine and my service advisor Collin. When I dropped it off, he knew exactly what I was talking about and was very matter-of-fact about getting it done. I was surprised, relieved and happy. Good way to start the weekend!
  3. Thank you. What is the correct TSB #? Saw one earlier in this thread but also saw a post that said that one didn’t apply to this problem...
  4. Had a 2017 Silverado 1500 2wd that did this and now my 2020 RST with < 200miles is doing it. Damn man, I should be on these forums looking for kick-ass mods I want to do. Instead, I'm in TROUBLESHOOTING! LAME. Anyway, on 2017, it was the leaf springs and all I had to do was put some rubber between the leafs and the noise went away completely and stayed away. Guess I'll have to apply this hack to my brand new, $50K truck or go to the dealer for that run-around. Sucks that its just so much easier to fix this crap yourself than to spend countless trips to the dealer when they should know exactly whats up with this by now. Hope you GM product guys are listening.
  5. So are these trucks drivable when they come in? Like what is the result of the failure?
  6. So you don't have UCAs with your level and all is fine? I have over 40K on my level w/o UCAs and no problems as well. This is partly why I questioning needing them now. Like if there was going to be a problem maybe it would have shown itself by now...
  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmman! I wish I would have just known this (my bad on that) when I originally put on the spacers. That mod cost me around $400 with part, install w/ alignment. Now it'll be another $350 for the part and prob $250 to install (alignment again too!). All tolled I'll be out a grand when it could have been more like $700 probably. My only hope is that some of the mysterious creaks and clicks will somehow miraculously 'go away' when i install the UCAs (yeah right). Thanks all for the replies!
  8. I went with the same tire size. Worked out PERFECTLY fyi.
  9. Looked for a thread that addressed this specifically and saw one a couple weeks ago but now can't find it. Please forgive me or direct me if this is out there... Have a 2.25 ReadyLift level on my 17 2WD. When I got it installed, nobody said anything about needing new UCAs. Now ReadyLift sells the kit with them and recommend that mod with the level. My question is: do I really need to go back and do the UCAs? I guess what I'm saying is that I made peace with this level having some effect on the longevity of my suspension components when I got it. But, I didn't at all think I might be dealing with something that could be a safety issue. I'll sped the extra $500 if I have to, just want to make sure I'm not doing it unnecessarily. Thanks.
  10. 2.25 Ready Lift 275/60/20 Falken Wildpeaks RRW RR5-V 20 x 9 - 0 offset No Rub
  11. found these on amazon and they look pretty nice and are very inexpensive. wondering on quality but i like the minimalist look and can return if they suck. anyone else have these or an opinion on them? https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00PGCDFH2/ref=dp_cerb_1#Ask
  12. Shop didn't help but I didn't really ask either... I just did a quick measurement on the back and front wells a knew anything less than the 2.25 would leave me wanting. In the end it worked pretty much perfectly. I think there is a very slight rake still, which is cool with me. I don't have the kit model # handy. Here are a couple more pics (not the best quality I know).
  13. New here but have been looking around at leveling kits for a while. Just got my Ready Lift 2.25 installed so wanted to post a pic. Maybe this will help someone else make a decision. Ride is exactly same or maybe even better (I know I must be imagining that). Cost me $480 for kit and install here in Southern Cal.
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