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  1. How you like the falkens? They balance ok? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. why no wheel & tire thread/ sticky to show off all aftermarket wheels?
  3. i tried the Range device, my truck did not like it it made the trans shift hard/ weird
  4. yeah unplugged it, mailed it back, truck drives great now
  5. wish someone would make a cool resonator delete with nice dual tip like SLP used to make for the denali years ago
  6. are you guys happy with the Range AFM disabler? I was not. i tried it for 2 days and it caused my 2018 5.3 to down shift hard when slowing down and driving around town this drove me crazy would clunk hard on every down shift , as soon as i unplugged the Range device went back to butter smooth shifting. so i contacted Range and they told me it's known that some trucks have this problem and they would not offer me a return label, I paid $12 to shipped back insured and it seems they are dragggin arse on refunding my paypal anyone else have an
  7. Wondering if anyone makes a cool resonator delete kit? maybe one that includes a nice tip? would be cool to see one that went to 3" dia. from where the resonator was to end of exhaust
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