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  1. My 2020 3500 LTZ has dual alternators and aux battery (and plow package). Help me understand (or point me) a few questions. What do each of the alternators do/charge? Do they work independently or supply sum charge to both batteries? Is one of the batteries always used for starting? Is the other aux only? Are they isolated like a normal aux battery set up? Just looking for an overview of what they do, why and how. Thanks, Jeff
  2. I really appreciate both your comments. I learned a lot and was reminded... start simple. The lockout switch was on. Jeez...
  3. The lock-out switch is a great thing to assess, thank you.
  4. Drivers switch cluster nor switch at rear window will operate the window. Switch has power but none of the other wires show power when I operate the switch. I figured switch! But when I apply 12v to either motor terminal it doesn't go up or down. See video. Possible motor and switch are bad? I'd appreciate some input/advice! Vid of my diag efforts
  5. 2013 Silverado 1500 LT Ext Cab 4x4 Z71. Bilstein 5100 F&R, set to 1" in front. Stock tires 265/65-18 Can I run 275's or maybe even 285's? With either would the speedo need re-calibrating?
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