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  1. Another update: I got my truck back this past Thursday. When the driver dropped it off he told me he had it up to 85mph and it was smooth. I THINK ITS FIXED!!! I waited until today to post as I wanted to drive it several times. The dealer replaced my ring and pinion {rear end} and then put on new tires and wheels. I drove it several times on the interstate, max speed of 83mph and it was smooth. My 14 year old said "wow this is what is should feel like. Very excited right now and hope it doesn't return. Only issue now is they put black wall tires on and I like white letter. They are going to correct it this week. I don't want to publish the name on my dealer on here but if anyone else's dealer is unable to fix their truck I will be glad to give you the name of my dealer and the service managers name so your dealer can, if they wish too, contact them. Want to help others hopefully get their trucks fixed. If I can be of any assistance please let me know.
  2. Update, here is the txt I got from the service manager yesterday afternoon: "Rear gears are replaced and now in spec. It is much better but still has a bit of vibration. We went back to the wheels/tires. I replaced all four of yours with a brand new set we had off a new truck that got upgraded. I rides great now. I am going to leave the new set on there for you. I am headed over to the body shop to see if they can get your truck worked in." They are fixing the scratch they put in the front bumper. Supposed to get it back Friday. For some reason I'm not very confident. We shall see.
  3. My 2016 Z71 Crew Cab has shook from day one. Now has 9K on it. Third trip to dealer and I took service manager for a ride. He seen and felt it and stated my entire passenger side door was shaking also. Speed of 70 mph up. They checked it out and here is what he txt me. "Ordered a ring and pinion set, found excessive runout causing some tight spots as it spins the ring gear" They came and got my truck today to rebuild the rear end. See what happens. I thought I read a while back in this thread that someones truck was fixed by replacing the rear gears. Is it only Z71's with locking rear differentials shaking? Oh, and when they had it in for diagnostics they put a large scratch in my front bumper..........I understand things can happen but the person who did it has to know they did and it took me to find it. That is upsetting. I tried the spring clamps, in my opinion it did reduce the shaking but did not eliminate it.
  4. Like everyone else my 2016 Z71 Crew cab shakes and of course they cant fix it. Well my father in law has a 2015 Double cab 4x4 and he claims no shake at all. He said he has been up over 90 mph numerous times and it is smooth. His truck is a 6cyl. What difference are there in the drive terrain between the 5.3 and 4.3? His truck also has Bridgestone tires.
  5. You stated 37 psi to 37 psi, Im guessing a typo?
  6. Traded my 14 for a 16 this past Saturday. Within 5 miles after leaving the dealership my wife looked at me and stated "why is it shaking" I said I don't know. Put 100 mile on it between Saturday and Sunday. Could definitely feel it at speeds around 75 mph. Called dealer first thing Monday and took it in at 2:00. They did the normal RFB and stated to try it. same thing and right back to dealership. My salesman and I took 2 others for a ride and neither was completely smooth. After reading all these posts yesterday I went straight to Advance and bought clamps and put them on. Hopefully tonight I will test this fix. My fault as I didn't drive the vehicle before purchase. Honestly, brand new didn't think is was necessary. No doubt I would not have purchased it. So now Im at the mercy of the clamps or see if a fix is ever found. How disappointing.
  7. I'm interested. Can I ask why you are selling it? Does is come with everything, all connectors, screws ect that it originally came with?
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