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  1. Received my $9,000 settlement over a stupid gas pedal.......... smh The fix is still holding up.
  2. Well.................... Got a call from my lawyer the other day... GM gave a settlement offer. My lawyer said he would counter offer and they would offer more than their initial offer..... of $6,000.
  3. I had to un fix it for GMs final repair attempt that they required after telling me they weren't going to work on it any more. They didn't attempt to fix anything. No updated from them as far as breach of warranty goes since then though. On a better note. They "rotated and greased" my driveshaft. I'm not sure what rotating a driveshaft is... because it rotates all by itself.... but it's snapping less. It only did it when I was pulling my boat since it was serviced. We'll see how long it lasts.
  4. My 2018 driveshaft pops every time there is a change in the torque. GM replaced it once and it still pops. The service manager says it's that there are several beer cans going on. The main shaft has sleeves pressed in to each end and welded. He says it's the sleeves moving inside of the main shaft, yet, they're welded... I am waiting on mine to grenade before GM decides what to do with it. Also according to my service manager the HDs have the cardboard in them to reduce noise.
  5. I have a lawyer for the breach of warranty over the pedal now rather than lemoning so I contacted my executive resolution rep to tell her that we needed to keep working on my driveshaft issue as directed by my lawyer. She said she'd have to call me back after making sure that they can continue to work on the driveshaft now that I have a lawyer for the pedal. She said "they" may tell her that they won't continue working on the driveshaft in this case. Which would be another breach of warranty........
  6. HOLY COW! I guess I believed you..... but it's like I am driving a brand new truck! It's amazing not to feel that crap any more. I will say that the the rubber that pops under the mount must be to reduce vibration. I feel a little more road and noise vibration in the pedal than before but I'll take that!
  7. I had to loosen that nut and another one up and to the left to get it up high enough to get the shim under it. Tightened it back down and tried it with my hand. Sounds good so far. I haven't driven it yet.
  8. I still haven't tried to fix it yet.. Contacted my attorney though. Breach of warranty in progress. GM Executive Resolutions said "We aren't going to make any further attempts to fix it."
  9. There is a TSB for this but I can't find the details of it. Anyone have access? TSB #PIT5392C
  10. I messed with it the other night. It's definitely made to be flexible. I just haven't gotten a paint stirrer yet.
  11. Lift it up. It moves? I guess no wonder it pops back and forth. POS. I am filing a breech of warranty suit if this works. Otherwise I'm lemoning again. This is pure crap.
  12. loosen it, put the piece under it and then tighten it back down?
  13. I had a 2017 5.3 that didn't do this. My 2018 has done it with 4 different pedals. It is not just at 3/4 throttle though. My first pedal did it as soon as I start pushing it and then anywhere that I decided to hold it, it would pop when it came to a stop and pop again when I started to move it again. My 4th pedal pops at random times and every time that I release it completely. GM has not told me once that it's supposed to do it. Their executive resolution team has now told me that they aren't going to attempt to fix it any more. I lemoned my 2017..... and I am going to lemon this one too.
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