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  1. Some good points, ShamrockShooter. My truck has the 3.42 gears, 18" wheels with 265/65R18 tires, 35 lb in all four tires. I use 10% ethanol 92 octane premium Chevron gas (winter blend, I assume, on this trip). Temp was in the mid- to hi-40s, not much wind or precipitation. Up-and-down terrain but not any huge elevation changes (less than 1,000 feet). "Your mileage may vary."
  2. I'm blown away by the responsive feel of the 6.2 in the 2019, compared to my '11 6.2 (tuned) and '18 5.3. I don't feel or hear the DFM changes at all and there doesn't seem to be any lag time when I get into the throttle suddenly. Mileage is outstanding. Photos below are the DIC on a recent 250 mile trip; about half interstate (60 to 65 mph) and half state highways through the Coast Range mountains (45 to 60) and a few little towns to go slow through (20 to 35). I've been recording all my gas use in stupid detail, and the DIC guesstimate on mileage is running right at 1.5 percent high compared to 3000+ miles of my gas purchase records.
  3. 2020 model details

    "Different strokes ...." I almost bought an end-of-year deal on a 2018 High Country but the interior didn't seem any different at all than the 2018 LT I was trading in. I hated the LT's front bench seat and lack of other comforts and conveniences, and the HC didn't impress at all. So after a bit I traded the 2018 LT in on a 2019 LTZ and I think the interior in this one is much nicer than either of the 2018s. I only have 500 miles on the '19 but so far nothing to criticize at all, and I'm enjoying figuring out all the bells & whistles. The styling of the body on the '19 strikes me a kinda odd on the sides, but I really like the looks of the front end and rear end. Of course, the 6.2 and 10-speed are WAY better than the 5.3 and 8-speed - no comparison.
  4. No problems

    Thanks for the encouraging report, Mardo. I'm just a little over 400 miles on mine, still being a little bit gentle. Enjoy yours!
  5. I just bought one, only 300 miles on it and I love everything about it so far. I'll report back when I know a little more.

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