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  1. Hello, I completed an AFM delete kit. Regarding the plastic pieces shown below, I can’t remember where they go. I also changed several other parts including the oil and transmission cooling lines. Thanks in advance.
  2. There are no signs of burning. Is it possible to adjust the brakes on the front with pads? I know the rear has a drum and that can be adjusted. The braking problem is only in the front. Its as if the ABS wants to hold the truck still when ready to accelerate.
  3. Sorry I didn't go into detail but no I did not use a meter to check for voltage. Although I'm 100% positive there are not getting any power. When looking at the wiring I only looked to see if any were frayed. I did replace the relay with a new one. Lights are halogen.
  4. Hello all. Truck is a 2009 Silverado 5.3L LT. I have an issue with my brake system. The scenario - When at a red light, the light changes green, I come off the brake the truck does not want to roll forward. I instead have to push on the gas pedal to the get the truck going. Also, while on the gas I can feel the ABS jerking as if the truck wants to sit still instead. The transmission is not affected in other gears. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Hello all. Truck is a 2009 Silverado 5.3L LT. It all started with a low beam bulb that went out. I decided at that time to change my head and tail lamps for aftermarket ones. For awhile every thing worked fine until the low beams went out. The high beams, fogs, signals and running lights all work. I have thoroughly researched this issue but unfortunately haven't had any luck. Below is a list of possible causes I've tried thus far. 1. Check all fuses associated with the lights. 2. Checked relay (#8385?) associated with the low beam. 3. Checked head light control knob/module 4. C
  6. Panel is in perfect condition. Contact me at [email protected] for additional info and pictures.
  7. Steering wheel is in excellent shape. Was replaced with a steering wheel that contained audio system buttons. This steering wheel only has cruise control buttons. Contact me at [email protected] for additional info and pictures.
  8. Corners were replaced with fog light assembly. They are in good shape with minor scuffs. All tabs are in place, none are broken. Contact me at [email protected] for additional info and pictures.
  9. Well all thanks for the help. But I've decided to not go with installing a liff kit.
  10. Got an odd question, but for any homeowners here or ones who park their lifted trucks in garages, do you'll clear 6'10" to 7'? If so, how much are the lifts on your trucks?
  11. Gotcha. If I go with the Fabtech 6" lift along with the 2.5" coil over, you think I can clear 37" tires? Or will there be a need for a 3" body lift?
  12. Yeah I'm definitely going to buy an air tool set and a larger compressor than what I have now. And believe it or not from the shops I've called in my area (Louisiana), they've mostly put on Rough Country Lifts. I feel that Fabtech offers better quality however. I'll be paying more but it will be worth it.
  13. I'm thinking about installing a suspension kit on my own. Im driving a 2009 Silverado 1500, Crew Cab, 2wd. I'll need to buy a few more tools but I'm confident I can complete the project and I'm mechanically sound. I'm debating between the Rough Country 7.5" lift to fit 35" tires and a Fabtech 6" with possibly a 3" to 4" body lift to fit 37" tires. For members who've installed a kit on their own, any tips or advice? And also would any recommend just taking it to a shop installation. I prefer to do it myself. I estimate I'll save $800 to $1200 based on quotes from local shops. Plus I'll
  14. Problem solved. Plug shown in picture was plugged into yaw/lat sensor and voilà. Guess I was tired on the first go round.
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