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  1. If you spend your time off road alot like I do...Drive in mud and snow. Black is the only way to go.
  2. Check out the Kelly TSR....I just took off a set of Toyo Open country AT's as they just made 36,000 miles. Fairly soft tread compound.The BFG km2's where on my short list but I was thinking that they might wear pretty quick. My buddy got 72k out of his last set of Kelly TSR's so I thought I'd give them a shot..If these don't hold up I'm going back to BFG TKO's..Best deal on the Kelly tires is on line..I was able to get my local Goodyear dealer to match what I found on line..Here's a picture of what they look like.. These are 285/70/17's on Worxs wheels..17x9..+25 offset with 6 inch back space..They stay tucked under the truck and don't rub anywhere..
  3. I am really happy to see anyone with no oil consumption trouble. But until anyone sees their 30k+ truck with the heads jerked off, they will never understand the feeling. Kudos to Gm for stepping up and fixing those of us with the lemons. i vote die AFM. Amen to that......New Pistons and rings..etc at 50,000 miles for me. Its been great ever since..
  4. So Day 1 of it being in the shop. I was nervous to say the least, dropping her off for open-heart surgery lol. On the plus side, again this dealership (Murray GM in Abbotsford, BC) has consistently provided amazing service and no hassles. I mean, its not THIER fault that the AFM engines are burning so much oil. They even provided me with a 2011 Silverado to drive for three days while its being fixed! Fingers crossed. After the piston and rings replacement, has anyone had improvements?? I had my pistons and rings replaced just over 5000 miles ago...I burned 1/2 quart at about 4000 miles..then I changed the oil and I haven't used any in the last 1600 miles..I'm not sure if it just took a few thousand miles for the rings to seat or not. All is good for now...In any case the ring and piston change has made a huge improvement..
  5. Its not the oil...Mine was on Mobil one from the beginning. Its the engine design that is flawed..The mileage on your son's hoe is in the range where these 5.3 start using oil..Keep an eye on it..If you one of the lucky ones you wont see any oil consumption...My buddy has a 07 GMC and his is burning oil as well. I love my truck and I hope now that my pistions and rings are replaced that I'm good to go...Having said that, I won't buy another AFM engine.
  6. "Damage" = Carboned up rings...No magic solution poured into the cylnders will fix it. You have a very valid point though! and you could be right. So for now only time will tell. My dealer tells me that once the pistons and rings are replaced he has seen Zero returns for oil consumption..We'll have to see.. I know I'm keeping a close watch on the Tundras as my next truck.
  7. 6000 miles plus...If your truck is using oil and they install the new drivers side valve cover and oil deflector. The damage has already been done and will solve nothing..Once those repairs have been done and then you have the pistons and rings replaced at least for me the problem has been solved.
  8. To the guys going through this Oil consumption deal...I was sceptical as well....After the dealer replaced my pistons and rings along with the oil pan deflector the problem has been fixed. Truck runs like a champ and doesn't use any oil..A good dealer is a must...If your getting the run around find another dealer.
  9. Sounds like its time for new pistons and rings as the damage has already been done.
  10. Time to take it to the dealer and start an oil consumption test..The dealer just installed new pistons and rings in my truck. Don't wait for your warranty to expire...
  11. My dealer just replaced my pistons and rings in my 07 with 47,000 as well...The service manage stated that once the deflector is installed along with the new pistons and rings the problem has been solved in his experince so far..crossing my fingers.
  12. As note I have just shy of 1000 miles on the new lower end now and have not used a drop of oil..I think the new pistons and rings along with the oil deflector has done the trick.
  13. I would say..Find another dealer...They are all different in how they handle warranty issues....My dealer has been fantastic and has addressed my problems without any grief.
  14. I got my truck back today..New Pistons and rings where installed. The cylinders where honed in the process...The truck runs like a champ. So Now I'm doing another Oil consumption test to see if I burn any oil...I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope this does the trick..
  15. The New improved valve cover is suppose to help elminate the amount of oil being pulled up into the intake manifold. Thus decreasing oils consumption. I have heard that it works in alot of cases. Keep your fingers crossed.
  16. I took my truck to the dealership. They ordered the Oil pan baffel...Today they removed the oil pan to find that the baffel had already been installed. So today they ordered new piston rings which will take a few days to get here..So I'm driving a new Chevy Impala until my truck is done. I hope the new rings do the trick...
  17. I have consistantly used 1 qt in less than 2000 miles. (1800 miles the first test and 1500 miles on the secound test.) I have an appointment Monday to drop off the truck so that the dealership can determine the cause and make the needed repairs. Loaner car is included if the truck is kept for more than a day..I love the truck, so I hope they can fix this issue..
  18. If your using more than 1 qt in 2,000 miles they should be fixing your truck...
  19. I'm doing my oil consumption testing and Used 1 qt in 1800 miles. Now the dealer has me doing the test one more time. I have already used 1/2 qt in 500 miles this time.. My question right now is this; what is the fix for this problem..I read here that nothing that the dealer does seems to work IE; oil pan baffel, left side valve cover with a different PCV valve, decarboned rings, new rings and or new rings and pistons, and new valves. If someone has had this issue resolved or fixed I would like to here from them. My dealer told me that once they replaced the left side valve cover with the new improved model and then replace piston and rings the problem is solved.
  20. In my case once I change the oil my truck will go 500 to 800 miles and not use a drop.(5w-30 Mobil 1) After that point it will lose 1/4 qt about every 500 miles or so... I have two thoughts that may reduce or eliminate oil consumption. Turn off the AFM as I tend to use more oil when going down hills or mountains. Second thought is to go with a high mileage oil in 10w-30.
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