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  1. Hi all i got a call from some lawyers asking questions about my truck. i told them my history of a dozen wheel balances, 3 sets of tires and a few trips to dealers seeking help with none to be found. so anyway they call it a defective drive shaft class action lawsuit. they asked why I hadn’t tried the driveshaft. i told them I was too busy paying off truck and replacing the air conditioner, windshield and dealing with my weird ABS braking issues to get to the driveshaft install. so maybe now i will finally try installing one. Shakes start at 72 and violent at 80.
  2. Same story here. Saving up for drive shaft swap.
  3. Just spent 1400$ on a new complete system, compressor, condenser lines rings etc. at an independent dealer with 1 year warranty. The dealership wanted 900 for just compressor and no warranty. My truck has 65k.
  4. Considering selling my 2015 for a used 2019? Just don’t want the chevy shake option this time. ty all
  5. So what ever happened with your brake system? i am experiencing this problem lately. However when I took mine to the dealer it would not replicate. Frustrating.
  6. My Silverados rear ended binding on driveway turns. With creaky rear brake noises. Maybe brakes locking up, rather than rear ended?
  7. No love from GM. I called them and they said 65k is about the time that their crappy parts will fail. Deleted remark, have to call my advisor, brakes So I got my truck out of the dealership and will go with a local mechanic that is aware of the AC r e-end locking up now:(problems with GM! My local mechanic will replace condenser along with my compressor with other system Parts for 900$ dealer only would only replace compressor for 1100$ I promise from here on out no more dealer visits.
  8. how to make a pole to see how many compressors go out compared to leaky condensers? Emeralado's compressor went out today in a stink of glory. Maybe it will get my mine of the shakes.
  9. At 60k another Compressor bites the dust. not Condenser. mine went out today with a lot of smell in the cabin and a lot of heat blowing at 102 degrees outside with 2 kids in the car. so anyway I pulled into a dealer and they said they can get the compressor in 2 days. will they warranty the work or the part? from what Ive read the parts are bad and the problem will come up again. what to do?
  10. You got the Yukon’s and shaft at same time? Which would you suggest getting done first? Are the Yukons for stock application truck?
  11. ok, im ready to try this. my shake starts up at 70 then it gets worse at 80. i bought the new tires and it doesnt work. so now i know its been awhile. ill re-read through the post. the dealer people are not able to help. esp now it's out of warranty they say. which I thought axle would be part of drive train. I just went in to for3rd time for trailer brake system check ding that keeps coming up. they charge me to diagnose and say they cant find anything. im pissed cause both the shake and the trailer system message had been an issue since i was in warranty. now they charge me to diagnose. argh!
  12. I hate to be so harsh but it really starts to wear on you. Ive got an appointment to see about another road force balance. Hope it works cause I really dont want to buy another.. I found this article in FB. it has a mention our truck with ac issues noisy, shaky suspension is a mention. It make s the Colorado sound really bad. that was the truck I originally was going to purchase. https://www.hotcars.com/pickup-trucks-from-the-last-10-years-that-wont-last-10-more/?utm_source=HC-FB-B&utm_medium=Facebook-Distribution
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