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  1. I have this weird crap happening now.. wanted a new booster etc with that last recall and they said my issue is not covered. These brakes don’t make you feel good. what is the fix besides getting no help from GM?
  2. My truck is running smooth, knock on wood! Really happy at all speed ranges. Axle shaft balance, new universal joints and an alignment some time ago. Nervous about getting new tires soon, lol prolly drive til these are bald don’t wanna mess anything up! At 81k
  3. I have been complaining bout my truck for most of it life and it’s vibes and shake at hi speed. Sick of no help from you know who I finally brought it to a independent mechanic and they figured it out in one quick test drive on the hwy. and in my case it was faulty Ujoints on either side of the drive shaft. I have 70k on my truck now. this is a cheap and easy parts swap so why not try it. Several dealers the last years had no clue. no clue! Notice cup of liquid in the video, that was my case as well. The faster I went the road the more it was evident. I had lots of drive shaft clunk which I was told by dealer that it was normal. Taking drive-shaft off to spin balance we found the joints to be bad. I shared this info with local dealer. He pointed my before after alignment specs where in range in that paper. But even tho, it took shake out at 72 on up. And driveshaft was the vibe that got worse 65 or so and up. I am getting great mpg’s Even with how I am driving fast all time! * update it still drives good!*
  4. I complained of shaking truck for years. I was getting my driveshaft balanced and found out I joints were seizing. Replaced them and now feel like I have a new truck!
  5. Update on my vibratio, shimmy shaker. Drive shaft out and u joints are spent. Spin balance tomorrow. The mechanic thinks my issue could be faulty seizing u joints. But will balance anyway. Test drive tomorrow. *success* spin balance driveshaft new ujoints alignment! Such a relief!
  6. A independent mechanic drove my truck and felt the shimmy shake! Monday they going to check drive shaft and go from there. I remember Gm truck member RT’s words. “It’s the drive-shaft”! we will see, I would be so happy if this is the case for my truck. Will post with results.
  7. Hi all i got a call from some lawyers asking questions about my truck. i told them my history of a dozen wheel balances, 3 sets of tires and a few trips to dealers seeking help with none to be found. so anyway they call it a defective drive shaft class action lawsuit. they asked why I hadn’t tried the driveshaft. i told them I was too busy paying off truck and replacing the air conditioner, windshield and dealing with my weird ABS braking issues to get to the driveshaft install. so maybe now i will finally try installing one. Shakes start at 72 and violent at 80.
  8. Same story here. Saving up for drive shaft swap.
  9. Just spent 1400$ on a new complete system, compressor, condenser lines rings etc. at an independent dealer with 1 year warranty. The dealership wanted 900 for just compressor and no warranty. My truck has 65k.
  10. Considering selling my 2015 for a used 2019? Just don’t want the chevy shake option this time. ty all
  11. So what ever happened with your brake system? i am experiencing this problem lately. However when I took mine to the dealer it would not replicate. Frustrating.
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