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    trucks, hockey, country music, snowmobiling
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    2002 silverado lt 4x4
  1. just a new picture since i got the rims back on
  2. <p>welcome to the site and hopefully well be able to get some more interest so we have a few trucks there</p> <div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;"> </div>
  3. well if you know any more ontario guys, tell them about this group and we can hopefully set up a southern ontario meet in the summer
  4. well im from stouffville and i know there are a couple people in the Cambridge area that want to meet so maybe somewhere in between me and the niagara area
  5. there was some interest in a southern ontario meet so I figured i would post up this topic so that we can work out when and where to meet up. It will most likely have to be in june july or august for me because i work six days a week until then but after that i have weekends off, let me know if anyone else would be willing to set up a meet or gathering sometime after that Eric
  6. Truck: 2002 silverado lt 4x4 Interior: Tan Leather interior Stock Exterior: tinted windows billet grille billet bowtie 3" magnaflow single side exhaust with 4" tip Boss 313 20" rims Future Plans: Escalade handles and tailgate handle clear corners
  7. elee33


    my 2002 silverado lt
  8. elee33


    washing it up her now that spring has finally come
  9. elee33


    my truck (2002 silverado lt) and my buddy's 2006 silverado lt ( 6" rcx lift, 18" rockstars, bfg mud terrains)
  10. elee33


    my truck (2002 silverado lt) and my brothers new 2006 trailblazer ss
  11. elee33


    pictures of my 2002 silverado lt 4x4
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