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  1. Folically Challengjed's post in A/C Compressor Belt - How Big of a Job? was marked as the answer   
    Thanks much.
    I just ordered a Gates replacement kit (belt + tensioner) from RockAuto.
    $40 + 1 hour is pretty cheap for peace o' mind.
  2. Folically Challengjed's post in Engine whistle: is this a vacuum leak? was marked as the answer   
    Fixed it.
    I found this, just behind the oil fill tube:

    So, I plugged the hose back on to the nipple:

    And no more whistle. I have no idea what part the silver nipple is, but the other end of the hose goes to the intake manifold. In any case, the CEL wasn't on, and it ran fine. I'll see if I notice any difference in performance or MPG's, aside from no more freakin' whistle.
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