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  1. Adding GM factory trailer brake controller

    Hey Phil, Have you attempted this yet, and can it be done to a 2014? What kind of cost are you talking about? Thanks Jim
  2. Center console swap?

    FYI...8045 is backordered everywhere as well. I'll just have to wait it out. Jim
  3. Center console swap?

    Hey Phil, The 84288042 is backordered all over with no ETA. Is the only difference between the 8042 and 8045 the chrome handle? Do you know if the 8045 will fit a Silverado? Thanks, Jim
  4. I am getting ready to purchase the io5 to io6 upgrade to add factory Nav and Apple CarPlay to my Silverado. I was hoping to get some recommendations/opinions as to which vendor to buy it from. Any experiences good or bad? They all look the same to me but the price varies from one to the other. The ones I have looked at so far that I trying to choose from are infotainment.com, gm-navigation.com, and digital-dash-solutions.com. If there are other vendors, I would welcome the info! Thanks for your opinions! Jim
  5. Car (truck) cover recommendations

    Thanks for the recommendation. It is for outdoor use. I took a look at Covercraft and you're right, they are a little pricey! Since the need is most likely going to be temporary, I opted to go a little less expensive. Covercraft does have covers in the under $200 range but they reviews tell me they are not worth it. After looking around on the Internet, I realized that most of the covers out there are very similar, if not made by the same mfg. After too much research, I decided to get one from Empirecovers.com. The 5 layer looks like it will be fine for a temporary situation and maybe an occasional cover here and there. I really don't need a cover for daily use so I didn't see the benefit of spending too much on it. I'l post back with my opinion of the cover once I have it. Thanks for your time! Jim
  6. I have a 2018 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, standard bed and I'm looking for any recommendations/experiences on a decent full cover. I'd like to keep it under $200 as it will be temporary while parked on vacation. Obviously the lining needs to be non-scratch. Anybody have one that they really like? Thanks for any help! Jim
  7. Lower chrome bumper trim

    I'm looking at doing the same thing. I have an 2018 1500 LT but I want to swap the front grille with either an LTZ or High Country front end. The lower piece can be ordered either "with" or "w/o" the skid plate. I believe that the one "w/o" is just like the one I have on the LT - all one piece. The "with" skid plate I believe is a two-piece part in which you order the Bumper Filler(fascia) and skid plate separate. It appears there is a cut-out on the fascia so the skid plate fits flush. I requested part numbers from [email protected] and below is what I was given. The VIN numbers are just random VINs from an LTZ and a High Country I found at dealerships on the Internet. If you go to gmpartsdirect.com you can enter the part numbers to get pricing. It also appears to be the same part number for 2017 models in which the parts diagrams are online. My belief is that you have to buy both the bumper filler and skid plate. Good luck! 3GCUKSEC9JG180179 2018 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ 84046161 Front Grille; chrome. Unfortunately, this part is currently on backorder from GM. There is not an estimated time when GM will have stock available. 23236301 Front Grille emblem 84029815 Front bumper fascia 23243083 Front bumper fascia skid plate 3GCUKTEC8JG159782 2018 Chevrolet Silverado High Country 84056776 Front Grille; chrome 23236301 Front Grille emblem 84029815 Front bumper fascia. 23243083 Front bumper fascia skid plate..

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