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  1. I started a lease on a new '14 Acadia SLT1 FWD in July of this year. This is my wife's car, and it's what she wanted...but we would probably choose a different vehicle if we had to do it over again 5 months later. Overall, it's a pretty decent vehicle...I think the power is very good, but the overall fuel mileage is around the 19-22MPG range as previously mentioned. We intentionally purchased one without the dual sunroofs due to all the complaints regarding water leaks and the accompanying electrical issues. We already have some minor electrical glitches that are annoying. The primary one is the electric tailgate only working intermittently...one minute it will work after unlocking the vehicle, other times you have to get in and crank it before it will open. Even the button on the dash won't open it when this problem is occurring. The remote start feature also doesn't work at times. We have two children with carseats, and the lack of interior room really shows when both carseats are mounted in the bucket seats behind the driver and passenger. Granted I am 6'8" and need all the legroom I can get..most average people won't see this as a problem, but for me it is a big problem. And for many trips, my sister in law and her child ride with us...it can hold all of us, but it is just way too cramped for any comfort in this case. Another annoyance are the way the doors don't have a progressive door brake installed. By that I mean when you open a door, after the first 'catch' that holds the door, the second one is much further out and the doors like to quickly swing open. They will slam right into another car or the wall of the garage if you aren't super careful each time you open the door. The doors on my '14 Sierra Crew Cab are MUCH easier to control in this aspect. I know, this seems like such a minor thing to mention, but it is very annoying over time. All of these factors led me to start looking at alternatives just this past week. I figured that I would just buyout the vehicle and put it up for sale at what my buyout price was...didn't want to make any money, just wanted to be out of it. What I discovered shocked me...I have never purchased a vehicle that had it's value drop so fast in such a short amount of time. Although MSRP of our Acadia was right around $43k, the NADA loan value 5 months later and with only 5500 miles is just over $26,900. Trade in value is $29,000. Believe me-I completely understand values of vehicles dropping as soon as it is driven off of the lot-but to me this is extreme. I guess I got used to owning BMW's that wouldn't depreciate nearly as quickly. Good thing that I leased it, as I won't have to worry about how much it is worth in three years-that will be GM/Ally Auto's problem. I would really be upset if I had purchased it outright. So my point is you might want to take future resale value into consideration if that matters to you. I may consider using Swapalease to transfer the lease to someone else (used this before years ago with great results), or we may just stick with it for 2.5 more years. Either way, I would suggest carefully researching the Acadia before you make a decision.
  2. Absolutely yes. I've owned about 14 BMW's over the years, and I enjoy my Sierra CC SLT probably more than the majority of them. I feel that the truck is quieter-and rides just about as well-as the two X5's I've owned. Pretty darn impressive for a truck.
  3. I can't find any current figures on the websites that I was using to get that info a few weeks ago, but I don't think the lease figures have changed. For a crew cab SLT, the residual for 3 years/12k miles per year was 62% with an interest rate of 3.4%. I would imagine that for a double cab, the residual would be around 60-61% but that is just a guess. It very well may be 62% also. They had a $1000 competitive lease conquest cash offer (you qualified if you leased a non-GM vehicle) but according to the November incentives that were posted on another thread this incentive has gone.
  4. I just tried the build your own on GMC's website and didn't have any trouble. What I did was start with the Crew Cab SLT, added the SLT Value Package that adds the Bose audio, 6" step bars, and 20" chrome alloy wheels. I then added the $325 bucket seat option, and it added it without any conflicts-and didn't require the 6.2L option. Maybe it was just a 'glitch' with the dealers ordering system at that time.
  5. Here are a couple of pictures of my 2014 Sierra CC SLT 2WD after I washed it yesterday.
  6. My experience and opinion is about the same as hodges25-I considered it very easy to install overall, with the only cuts being for the tie downs and the bed rail lights. The pieces are molded and shaped to fit the bed perfectly. The only things you need for the install are a knife/utility blade along with some scissors for the cuts, and some towels and denatured (or isopropyl) alcohol to clean the bed where the adhesive will be placed. You may need a second person to help you maneuver the liner into the bed (and when the bottom piece is being zipped to the sides), but I did it all by myself without any issues. I'm extremely pleased with mine so far.
  7. Here is the link for the ebay auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&vxp=mtr&item=221302216392 I had some ebay bucks, so it made it a bit cheaper for me. Still, $320 from a GM dealer is an excellent price.
  8. I received my Bed Rug today, and installed it in about an hour. Here is a pic.
  9. Congratulations on your order-you are going to really enjoy it once it arrives!
  10. Thanks from me too-I bought the GMC Bed Rug from ebay with a price of $320 shipped. Forgot I had $61 in ebay bucks, so final price was only $258. Can't wait to install it.
  11. I did make the deal yesterday and took delivery of the truck late yesterday afternoon. Here is what I bought and how my deal came out: 2014 Sierra Crew Cab Short Box SLT 2WD with SLT Value Package MSRP $42,650 Negotiated cap cost (Includes $1000 competitive lease conquest cash since I lease my wife's car) $38,570 Cap Cost reduction $500 Residual 36 months/12k miles per year 62% Money factor/interest rate 3.4% Acquisition fee $595 I paid this upfront. If you let them roll it into the lease (which is what they normally do) you will be paying interest and tax on that for 36 months. Better to pay it upfront in my opinion. Base payment: $426 for 36 months 12,000 miles/year What an amazing truck...hard to believe the improvements from the previous generation. This really is a big step up in interior quality and features.
  12. This price increase had a lot to do with me not ordering one, but searching dealer's inventory in a few hundred mile radius that still had the 'old' pricing.
  13. They do it on the front end-its one of the two main things used to calculate the lease payments. I have been in dealings with two separate dealers, and both of them are using 3.4% as the interest rate-so that may be the actual rate from Ally and isn't marked up by the dealer. BTW-I did make a deal just a while ago, and will pick it up this afternoon. I will post pics tomorrow if everything works out.
  14. I figured I would update the topic for the benefit of others. Although I haven't finalized a deal as of yet, I have found out some details on what incentives are available if leasing. Currently, there is $1000 Consumer Cash and a $500 incentive for the SLE/SLT Value Package. These are only available if you purchase the vehicle-they are not available if you want to lease. Other offers, such as from USAA, AAA, etc would be applied if leasing and if you are eligible for them from what I understand. The residual value on the SLE and SLT 2WD Crew Cabs are 60% for 36 months and 12k miles per year. The residual is 62% for the 4WD models. The base interest rate (money factor) is 2.95% (.00123). Dealers can-and will- mark this up a bit for their own additional profit (one dealer I was working with marked it up to 3.4%). If anyone else has any experiences to add then please do so.
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