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  1. I am glad I am reading this! I was all set to trade my 1500 LTZ that I love for a Denali 2500. I will be test driving for sure today!
  2. Actually, put the Order in for the wheels and tires and going with the Nitto Terra Grapplers on Eagle Alloy 014 wheels. Not sure of the offset yet. I just told him i did not want them to rub. I will post some pics once they are on the truck on Monday.
  3. Actually, the same thing my tire guy told me. I was looking at the Toyo A/T but maybe going with the 305/55-20 instead. Its a really good looking setup on your truck. The guy at the shop recommended a -12 offset to get more "lip" on the wheel. Do you think I have enough lift to clear?
  4. Great thread guys and very informative as well. I have approximately 3.25 lift in the front and was going to try to run a 305/50-22. any thoughts or suggestions?
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