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  1. Hey everyone, I have an exhaust question to ask. So the story goes, I have my 2005 GMC Sierra and I love my truck. However, it is bone stock and this is the longest I've ever had a bone stock vehicle without trying to do something to it. I really want to install a Flowmaster exhaust. I also really like the Flowmaster Super 44 and Super 40 series mufflers as well as the American Thunder. I've been shopping around and found that the average exhaust kit for my truck can easily run about $400. The issue I see is not only do I not want to spend $400 to replace the exhaust pipes and muffler when I only want to change the muffler. I'm also too lazy to do all that work lol. With that said, what would you guys suggest I do? I was hoping I could just swap out the muffler with a single outlet muffler and add a little extra exhaust pipe in case the stock muffler is bigger than the Flowmaster clamp it back together and call it good. By doing that would I still be able to get the aggressive sound I want my truck to have? I know dual exhaust sounds better but I've seen a lot of single outlet exhaust set ups that also sound really good. Would I be better off getting a dual outlet muffler and leaving off the exhaust pipes? Any and all input is appreciated. Thank you guys ahead of time for the advice! I would not mind if my truck sounded like this!
  2. The story goes back about two months I was driving and thanks to a guy in a Mercedes I had to slam my brakes really hard and go from 45 MPH to a dead stop in the shortest distance I've ever seen a full size truck stop. My brakes did exactly what they're supposed to do and I was really impressed because my truck stopped 6 feet before destroying the foreign SUV. However since that happened I now get a message on my odometer that says "SERVICE BRAKE SYSTEM". Logically it would be the brakes but I know my brakes are fine because they don't squeel or vibrate when I stop or anything unusual. I get the message when I'm accelerating or suddenly take my foot off the gas pedal. When the problem started it wasn't that bad but now it's getting really bad. Here is a youtube video of my driving to work yesterday morning taking my foot off the acceleator. It's starting to bother me because I live 45 miles from where I work and having that dinging going off when I'm driving to and from work is very annoying. I already threatened to trade my truck in to go back to a Ford because sometimes that works lol. All kidding aside though, any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thanks you guys in advanced! Adrian
  3. Thanks you guys for your input! I will start with checking the driver seat sensor but from what you guys are saying it looks like it has to go to the dealer. Perfect timing since I also cracked my sideview mirror (hoping to find a cheap replacement because I didn't realize how hard finding one with the turn signal was) and I am in the middle of moving. I didn't think about using Onstar for the trouble code. Too bad I don't have it anymore.
  4. Hello all! I went to start my 2005 Sierra earlier and noticed it said "service air bag" on the odometer. Before calling the dealer to service it I was just wondering if anyone had any experience/tips/advice? I've never had a vehicle require that. I was just wondering about stuff like whether it will cost money to service it or anything like that? Thank you guys in advanced for your input!
  5. My first car was a 1999 Volvo S-80 Sedan T6. This car had 2.9L twin turbo charged I6 engine. It was a very nice car and pretty fast too (I used to go 90 mph to 100 mph on my way to school almost everyday my senior year, need less to say I was never late). Despite that I hated it because the damn car always needed something fixed on it! I really wanted an F-150 or Sierra 4x4 for my first car and the F-150 I eventually got was awesome not to mention the Sierra Z71 I have now is probably the best vehicle I've owned.
  6. I think the new Ram trucks are nice and they've come a long way but I still don't think I'd buy one over a Ford or Chevy. Last year at the auto show when I sat inside a couple of them, I remember one in particular it was a Ram Laramie it just didn't seem to have the same quality as the competition the door didn't solid like the F-150 or my my Sierra when I closed it and my truck is an 05. I just don't see myself buying one but my coworker has a 2012 Ram 1500 and he really seems to like it.
  7. Thanks you guys all for your imput. All helpful info. I unplugged the disconnected the iSimple gateway adapater behind my radio (it's a little black box that goes into the back of your radio with an AUX cable that goes out of it to plug in an iPod). I wasn't able to completely unplug it because if I pull out the wires that go to the radio from the iSimple it disconnects the radio completely and that is going to have to be another thing to figure out another day. But in disconnecting the power to the iSimple so far so good.
  8. Hey everyone! I have a 2005 GMC Sierra with Bose speakers and I have a high pitched noise that comes out of the speakers from time to time. I've only had my truck for a few months and the first time I heard it was also the first time I used the defroster. Thinking the speaker was bad I unplugged the speaker on the rear passenger door and everything was good. Recently I'm now starting to hear this noise coming from the passenger door. Normally I'd ignore it but it's hard to ignore and it seems to only happen when I'm using the defroster. I'd hate to take apart the passenger door and have two speakers unplugged on that side especially when they sound as good as they do when they are working right. The only thing aftermarket I have is an iSimple thing that plugs into the back of the radio that came with my truck. I've done some research and I'm finding that I'm not the only person with this issue. People are saying to pull out anything aftermarket, replace the radio, replace the speakers, there's a loose ground and so forth but none of these answers appear to be from people who have the problem lol The bottom line, has anyone else had this problem and fixed it before? I kind of want to have a better idea on what to do before I bust open my dashboard and start pulling wires. I appreciate any and all good advice from you guys! Thanks, Adrian
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