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  1. Have you talked to anyone driving one, or are you only "hearing" the complaints from sites like this? Love mine. It had some issues but it's all fixed now. Nbd. Hope you enjoy that Ram.
  2. 3M black carbon fibre vinyled the front and rear emblems and the grill trim. Turned our awesome! I love it!
  3. How many '14 f150s Rams and Tundras come up after the same 500 mile search?
  4. Mine is acting up too. Totally random. I don't think it has anything to do with cold, or remote start. Start truck, see message, (service power steering), shut off truck, wait 1 min. Start truck again, good to go every time. I haven't been able to get back to the dealership, I work in camp. Maybe be able get it in next week. It's not the end of the world, I know they'll figure it out someday. I can live with it till then. I love this truck otherwise.
  5. I'm on Vancouver island. I don't think any GMCs have problems with the knob lights. My fm reception is very disappointing. Poor sound quality with static even when I'm in whichever town the station is from. Vancouver, Seattle, Portland or here at home, all the same, crap. Then if you get out of town, the signal is unlistenable way sooner than my old truck (2000 Silverado). I'm going to try a new antenna. The stubby one looks cool and it's only $20. I don't think swapping the antenna cable will be too hard either. I'll wait till other people, with more skill, replace theirs with successful results before I attempt that. I LOVE my truck. This is only a little inconvenient, not a huge deal. Really feel for the Silverado guys with the knob thing though, I'd be very upset about that. I think Chevy will eventually fix the lights. I also think we'll be on our own with the radios though.
  6. There are some sweet Sanoma Denalis on here. Haven't seen a Stealth Grey (Blue Granite) Denali yet.
  7. Nice Denali, I'm sorry you're now a member of our armstrong club. Not much to say that I haven't already posted. Maybe try armstronging it to the dealer next time. I was never able to. Good luck and keep us posted (So far so good with mine)
  8. Trucks working great so far. If it happens one more time I get a new rack. Fingers crossed lol They did say they fixed a loose pin in one of the harnesses.
  9. My truck went to the dealership yesterday and they had a rental car ready for me. It is a Cruze lol. It's not the worst thing I've ever driven. No real progress as far as I can tell today. The guy they're talking to at GM won't release a rack until they do more testing in the morning. Is what they said. I did however get them to order me a free set of rubber floor mats, so I'm really happy about that! This has been a big inconvenience for me, I'm on vacation right now, I'd rather be travelling in my truck than waiting here for it and I've had to pay for three more ferry trips than I would have otherwise. (Ferry costs like $65) Fixed or not I think they'll give me my truck back tomorrow. More updates to follow
  10. Right on man, congrats, finally, lol. I can't take mine till Wednesday.
  11. My favorites disappeared. It a real pain to get them to come up. I've been practicing using the steering wheel and getting better at it. But setting them is no fun. My dealer erased them all last visit, now I have to do it all over again! Lol
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