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  1. Final got a better price from my dealer. Instead of buying the roof lights and wiring harness from the dealer, I bought them through GM Direct. This saved me $140. My dealership got back with me today and has agreed to install these lights for $200. I feel that is reasonable. I'm having these installed next week.
  2. Bought this baby last Monday. I've already put 600 miles on her. Love it! I also bought the Gator retractable tonneau cover for it. Best bed cover I've ever owned. Highly recommend.
  3. LeeDowney

    2016 GMC 2500HD

  4. Hey guys. I bought my new 2500HD Sierra last week and I really like the look and function of the cab roof lights. I would like to go with the factory oem style lights. I asked my dealer about the lights this week and installing them for me. I do a lot of projects myself but drilling in the roof of my truck is no something I'm very confident with. The price the dealership gave me for the factory GM roof lights with wiring harness was around $250. Then they priced the install at $400 bringing the grand total to $650. That seems very high to me. I would think this would be a 2-3 hr job for someone that has experience. I have searched and found a few older posts on forums where the guys were saying they paid around $250 for dealers to install these lights in the past. Is my dealer trying to screw me? What is a fair price to pay or has anyone had this job done at their dealership lately that can comment? Thanks.
  5. Yes. That was the first mod I did on my 2013 Sierra. Using a diode to jump #10 to #22. Come on Mod Guys. How do we keep our fog lights on with using Intellibeam?
  6. Thank you fondupot. Got my diodes today and 10 minutes later, this modification was done. I ran 1 diode from #10 fog lamps to #22 parking lamps. Now my fog lights turn on automatically anytime the parking lights are on and stay on even with high beams. Love it. Easiest mod I've done so far. Great instructions by posts from above. Those pictures made it very easy. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks guys. Once I get the diodes from Dave, I'm going to do this mod. I think I'm going with suggestion #2 though. I'm going to jump from #10 (fog lamps) to #22 (parking lamps). I want my fog lights on anytime my parking lights are on. Perfect. Thanks for the info guys.
  8. Thanks guys for the feedback. After searching for a while, I did find the other link on here that talks about the leaking roof. I plan to have it looked at on my next service. From the posts above, I guess it could be the on-star antenna or maybe the windshield seal. Either way, hopefully my guy at GMC will get it fixed. Thanks again.
  9. Hey guys. Every time it rains hard, I have drops of rain dripping from my driver's side visor mount where it attaches to the roof. I'm going to have the dealership look at it next service. I just had the 7,500 mile service done but forgot to mention it. I don't think it's coming from the sun roof. The only thing I can think of is the black roof mount antenna on the driver's side. I have included pictures I took today. Mine appears to have a slit in the rubber seal on the rear side of the antenna. Does everyone have the rear slit in the rubber seal? Has only else notice a leak in this area?
  10. The service manager from Vestal GMC in Kernersville, NC just called me and said they have in fact fixed the rear camera issue. He said GM just put out a "PI" on this issue. There is a software update he said he had to do which will resolve this issue. If your local service tech does not find the same information, have him call Jeff at Vestal GMC. 336-996-5780. If your truck hasn't thrown this error, it may just be a matter of time. It took mine over a month to show this error so many people are seeing. At least now there is a fix for it. Hope this helps.
  11. No. I haven't done any after market mod to my truck at all. It is completely stock. My truck was built in Dec 2013 as well. I'm going to the dealership today to have the rear lock fixed on my tailgate. I'm going to show them the pictures and see what they say. If it's anything useful, I will share. Don't hold your breath.
  12. I remembered reading this thread last month. Had this happen to me this morning. I have posted a picture of what was on my display all the way to work. I wiped off the rear parking sensors and and camera when I got to work. Restarted the truck a few times and it has gone away at this point. Still not sure it's fixed though. Has anyone talked to their dealership about this? Any more information? Here is what I saw on my screen this morning. Sorry the bottom pic is so blurry. It reads "Service Rear View System"
  13. Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. I'll call the dealership today. Thanks.
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