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    Name : Chris, but the guys at work nick named me "coma patient." It stuck. Lol Age: 28 Location: Bowling Green, Ky Truck: 2005 crew cab silverado z71 Its completely stock for now. Just got it last week. Has 127k miles. Not my first truck. But is my first 4wd. Have a 2000 s-10 for a beater, and had a 88 Cheyenne that was fliped back in highs school. Future plans would include: (No particular order) Color matching the factory un painted plastic on the bumpers, door handles, grill, etc Window tint Lightly smoke the head lights and remove the amber. Light smoked tail lights. Leveling kit or maybe a slight lift (~3" or so) Set of nice wheels and tires. Nothing crazy and im not in a hurry. Its my daily, so first and foremost, reliability and functionality are key. Plus its hard to get anything done working in industrial maintenance which is pretty well allways 7 days a week. Im here to learn and share any knowledge i may have or gain along the way.

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