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  1. I paid 692... it was at cost from the GM dealer because I bought the truck there. List price is like 1200. You can find it cheaper prob. However, it ONLY comes with the bumper, no sensors, hooks, fogs.... nothing.
  2. yes it is a bad thing. i dont know exactly what's doing to your capacitor but im sure it would wear it out over time. also, you can really hear it in the cab.
  3. No I didn't, however, i have a the black GM bed mat and haven't noticed any excess dust at all.
  4. i outfitted my headlights with the Retrofit source HID's and had to the get the capacitor relay for the buzzing not to be there. It's easy to install and looks bad ass. Make sure you get 5000k for your headlights so it will match your LEDs. I got 6000k and it's too blue of a hue to it. Good luck.
  5. Yup, just took my SLT in for the seat being loose. It's on their blotter so they know about it and will fix it if it's still under warranty. The radio is crap in the first place. GM needs to take notes from BMW if they're going to charge 50k for a truck.
  6. I just ordered an All Terrain bumper for my SLT and it should fit according to the shop, it just will need to be painted when you get it in.
  7. I recently ordered a Performance Accessories body lift kit with their leveling kit to add a total of 5 inches of height. I also ordered some rigid industries LED Fogs with adapter bracket so I'll be uploading some pictures soon.
  8. Thanks guys and gals! i am about to put a performance accessories 3 inch body lift on the truck with some 20'' helo wheels and toyo open country A/Ts on it. Also, bought some Rigid industries LED fogs and adapter for it as well. I hit a deer and have to replace my front bumper and will be going with the Sierra All Terrain package bumper that is painted instead of chrome. should look great. I'll upload some pics in a couple of weeks!
  9. I've had no issues with dust. The tailgate seal will probably help out quite a bit.
  10. Hey all I got back in October a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT. I have recently gotten a G4 Elite Tonneau cover, an Airaid cold air intake, HID kit from www.theretrofitsource.com and a bed mat from gm. I'm loving the truck. I'm thinking about doing a 2 inch spacer leveling kit when i need new tires but so far, loving the truck. Classy! Any questions or suggestions let me know!
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