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  1. Hey Jaron, I was thinking about purchasing the same truck you had purchased a while back, the 2014 GMC Denali same color Quicksilver metallic. I have a similar car to your BMW a Infiniti M56S and just wondering if you're happy with the truck and not missing the sportier car? I might get one tomorrow but I still love my car so not sure if I want to part with it. Thanks

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  2. I had a box built with the factory under seat storage. Two JL Audio W1 10" 300W, one JL Audio 600W Monoblock Class D Subwoofer Amplifier, and a JBL MS-8 Digital Sound Processor. The processor helped keep the bass clean and it also improved the factory Bose speakers. Clear and crisp sound.
  3. Try using Opti-Lude adjective, it will help with lubrication of the injectors. MPGs will increase as well. Almost the same set-up I have, but I went with a Banks intake.
  4. I have cognito 7-9inch. Upgraded tie-rods and center link (kryptonite).
  5. There are so many heaters on these trucks its crazy. Among all the heaters mentioned, there is an intake heater as well. Cold weather is not an issue with these trucks. I have a duramax and its my daily driver. I tow about once a month and i love this truck. Highly recommend the diesel.
  6. http://www.theretrofitsource.com/components/harnesses/capacitor-relay-harness-link.html#.VRNPSVy5IqY See if this helps.
  7. Never had that issue with mines. You may need a capacitor link. Thats what I have on mines. http://www.theretrofitsource.com/components/harnesses/capacitor-relay-harness-link.html#.VRNPSVy5IqY
  8. My wife wanted help moving horse panels with my truck. We didn't have a trailer so she borrowed her friends dump trailer, which is heavier than a flat bed trailer. With the weight of the trailer and my 37 inch tires, my mpgs were about 9-10. I told her if I get all these parts along with new leaf springs and air bags, it will improve my mpgs and be safer towing her precious horses. She approved all mods! I took that as a blank check to go nuts on my truck!
  9. I forgot I'm also installing Banks Power ram air intake and the Air Dog II 4G lift pump next week as well. I'm hoping all this will wake her up!
  10. Check to see if the parking sensors are plugged in on the front bumper.
  11. I'd have to say my 4.88 gears and PPE covers as of now. But who knows how I will feel by next week. Installing AFE 5 inch exhaust DP back, down-pipe, Deviant EGR delete and up-pipe, EFI Live tune, Edge CTS w/EGT probe.
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