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  1. Don't recall if your dealer/GM gave you a comparable loaner, but if you think they are not dealing with you in good faith (loaner or not) maybe it's time to get an attorney involved. Good luck.
  2. I have good relationships with the Service Advisors at my local/selling dealer. However, I don't buy into this notion that we have to kiss up to them to get good service. First step when a service visit is unsatisfactory is to bump it up to the Service Manager. Normally, that will get it taken care of. If not, take it to the owner/owners of the dealership (General Mgr usually a waste of time; CYA the first arrow in his/her quiver). From there right up the chain to the Regional GM manager, etc. August 2018 I had my Roadtrek (on a 3500 Chevy Express platform) in for service prior to a Minnesota trip to see my elderly aunts. Around 100 miles into the trip near Mt. Airy, NC, there was a severe knocking from what sounded, we thought, the rear of the vehicle. Local GM dealers didn't have a lift for an 8,000 lb vehicle, so we limped back home on secondary roads. Next day, I took the Roadtrek back to the dealer. Turns out the problem was a sway bar bushing. When I asked the Service Manager, "Shouldn't that have been caught in the '23-point inspection?", he knocked $200 off the bill. There is a comment on my vehicle profiles now that the Shop Foreman will ensure the 23-point inspection isn't pencil whipped (in so many words) and that all work is properly done. Paraphrasing Woodrow Call in Lonesome Dove - I won't tolerate poor service.
  3. You were right! Ran the truck in M5 on the same route today. Didn't go into V4 once. I must've been in M6, like you said. Bucky
  4. Yup, it was M5. Checked M6, too, which went into V4. I'll double-check it tomorrow to make sure. Bucky
  5. Hi Gang, First post here. I shifted into M5 yesterday when I went to get gas. But, on a slight downhill dip, the DIC showed V4 was engaged until the uphill grade. Maybe M5 forces V8-only in pre-2012 GM trucks? Had a lot of stuttering after i bought Kangaroo gas (never again!) a couple of weeks back. But, otherwise, I haven't had any problems with AFM on my truck. Feel bad for those who do, though. Also, I've read a lot about an AFM "fix" starting with the 2011 models. Could someone flesh this out? Thanks! Great forum! Bucky
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