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  1. Anyone run these? How are they?
  2. Before and after...

    Thanks man. I don't care too much about others opinions. Really throwing pics out for others that might be thinking of doing the same. I truly prefer the painted bumpers, but am a perfectionist so hate the chips all over the front bumper that is going to happen.
  3. Before and after...

    It's the AVS Aeroskin I think. It's been a few years since I bought it. It sticks on smooth to the hood. It doesn't stick up at all.
  4. Before and after...

    The front is chrome.....
  5. Before and after...

    I live in Tampa now. Well aware of love bug season.
  6. Before and after...

    Yep, chrome does chip, but it doesn't leave a big black spot where the white paint chips away.
  7. Before and after...

    I like the LED's, but not enough to pay for one. I only had one busted. I'm also guessing that LED tails are more expensive than mine. Plus the necessary mods to make them work right. Not a big deal for me.
  8. Before and after...

    The body shop is going to fix that next week. I called them on it and they are getting new emblems.
  9. Before and after...

    My front bumper was chipped up bad. Figured what the hell. Insurance was paying and the chrome bumpers where less expensive. I like it and won't have to deal with chipped up bumpers.
  10. So I was rear ended back in April. I went with chrome replacement bumpers because I was tired of the front bumper chipping. Thoughts??
  11. I just took my truck in. I did not let the dealership perform the recall. I inquired about the cutting of the flaps and the service director showed me the instructions and the instructions detail the cutting of the flaps. Not on my truck I said. A little info for the rest of you.
  12. I haven't paid that much attention.
  13. Installed my new Bak Roll-X.
  14. Fox, Icon or Kings Coilovers

    I'm interested in this as well. I ran a set of Race Runner - Sway-A-Way coilovers and rears on an FJ cruiser and that baby was awesome. I would love to run a set of nitro coilovers and rear socks on my Denali. I've looked at ICON a little. Very interested to see if someone as gone this route and their opinion.
  15. stock wheels are clear coated. keep them clean and you shouldn't have a problem.

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