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  1. Folks - 2014 GMC 1500 SLT I have seen my mileage decrease - not sure if it is because I have switched tires from factory to Cooper SRX tires. Is there any safe additive I can add to my gas to clean the fuel injectors instead of having to have them provide that service at the dealer? I used to get between 18-20 mph on the last 50 mile tracker - now it is hovering 16. Thanks in advance for any info. JJ
  2. Folks - I was seeing my mileage at 18 - 20 mpg - up until I had to replace my battery? Not sure if it is a coincidence - not I seem to be averaging about 13.2 and best is about 16. I have about 70K.. 2014 GMC Sierra SLT. Any thoughts? Clean the fuel injectors? Add an aditive to tank to clean the fuel system? Thanks in advance. JJ
  3. I am not familiar with the 2016 A/C issues - just know that when I pressed the dealer about this he mentioned there was Technical Service Bulletin (TSB PIT5331)MC-10145171-9999.pdf http://www.gmcproblems.com/ac-condenser-leaks/ It affected a lot of GM vehicles from Sierra to Escalade and Yukons/Suburbans... it is a crime! Not familiar with any aftermarket - they replacement the put in has the heat shield and when they did the A/C condenser - the did not do the hose that was part of the TSB in 2014...
  4. I thought the A/C condenser was covered in the 2015 and later- it was just the 2014 that did not have the warranty coverage?
  5. My 2014 GMC Sierra got 33.3 MPG on what back from Lake Tahoe CA - of course a lot of it was downhill...... Problem now is that I have recently replaced that battery an it has been to the dealer to fix the A/C (the known issue on this Forum) and not it has not moved. It has stayed at 13.9 for the "Average" and "Best" for a while now.... Not sure if something got jiggled or? Do not even know where to look to try to troubleshoot. When they did the battery swap - they did plug in a unit to keep the settings...... It still shows it increasing and decreasing while driving--- just no change.... Before I would at least get a ball park mpg - now it does not change...... Is this a symptom of something bigger?
  6. Yes, I enjoy my truck - just did not expect to be putting money into it @ 60K .... figure at least 75K or even 100K. I owned a Toyota Tacoma 2006 and all I really did was change the oil........nothing with AC or drive train..... I needed more of a family vehicle... (could not see my mother-in-law hopping into the jump seat) True -- to get myself into something new is going to cost $$$ I am getting better gas mileage with my GMC V8 than I did with the Toyota - In looking at any alternatives out there.... the GM's have the better towing and fuel mileage........ Just going to cross my fingers... they did give me a 2 year warranty on the A/C condenser.. and A/C condenser line that was replaced....... Thanks for bringing me back to reality.... for now.....
  7. 2014 Sierra 1500 - 60K Reading this thread is depressing... Never stops. I had to bring my back for the 3rd time.... and am crossing my fingers that they fixed it...... First experience was at about 45K - started blowing hot air... so the did a service - recharge and put the dye in it...$(350) .. that lasted a day. I had one of the faulty condensers .. you could see the dye leaking out the weld.. They fixed that - out of warranty........ $1500 - charged me $700 and figured got off cheap.... $1000. 2 yr. warranty. Month goes by and we had a little heat wave...... turned on the A/C and blowing hot air again..... Took it back... they check it out again and said it was not the condenser but a hose ... had a pin hole....... Again... $1500 quoted and ending up charging me $675 for a hose, seal and freon.... The problem is the dealers know about this stuff...... it generates revenue for the Service Managers. To date - almost $1700..... waiting for the other shoe to drop........... Oh... it did...... At 63K and just hitting the 5 year mark.. the right rear axle started leaking.. said it was past warranty......would not cover it...... $300+ Funny thing is that I had them do a 60K service around 59K and they did not see it..... Are these trucks that bad....... like owning a boat..... The dealer says .... it is 5 years old.... it is the cost of ownership? Really??? Really thinking hard about throwing in the towel on this one..... I figured it would be the last vehicle I purchased ..... get 150K+ out of it...at least 10+ years before any major maintenance besides brakes and tires..... just got the tires.. at least they lasted me 60K. What is next? The computer? Frustrated in CA.
  8. Yeah - took it in to the dealer and am trying to get them to do a warranty repair - just passed my 5 year / 100,000 mile warranty by a couple of days...... They mentioned the rear parking brakes... Not expecting this to be a joyous occasion. Thanks for info.
  9. It looks like I am joining the club - 2014 Sierra with less than 64K on it and when I went to get my tires done my tire guy said I had some "moisture" at the right rear axle. He suspects it is a seal - cannot diagnose without diving deeper into it. I recently had a 60K service done in February at the dealer - they replaced all my fluids and did a minor service. I figured I would be good to go for another 50K. When I brought it back to the dealer to fix my A/C (known problem that they did not recall because it was not a safety issue?). I mentioned it... said they must have missed it when did the inspection and did the service to change my differential fluid and brake fluids. I hit my 5 year date on 5/31/2019 - they said it was out of warranty! Really? A couple weeks past the 5 year / 100K drive train warranty? Trying to get them to cover it under warranty and take some responsibility - we will see. I am also calling my tire and brake guy to see if it something he can do... It will cost out of pocket. This is total BS. This leak does not look like it appeared overnight...... Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks. JJ
  10. Originally mine was blowing warm air at about 53K and took it in to get it serviced - that lasted less than an day and started me down the "rabbit-hole"... I had mine replaced in March on my 2014 Sierra - it looks totally different from the original one - has some sort of heat shield. Are there any plans for GM to reimburse anyone for the repairs? I got out of there for $700.00 - they stated that the higher cost was due to having to remove part of the front end? They submitted through some GM Customer Service program that "assists" with these type off issues....... It was still very painful to the pocket book!
  11. Any lawyers out there that know how we can get a class-action or recall on all 50 states for this....... It does not seem to want to go away....... I just dropped mine off to get it replaced - GM is working with me on the cost.... still it is out of pocket and I asked what guarantee do I have that they are not installing the defective part? Even thought there was a technical service bulletin (TSB) for the 2016 vehicles.... why are the 2014's and above not covered - even though they had the same part or issue? Very frustrating......
  12. Folks, Is anybody a lawyer out there that has had this problem? Any legal advise? Do we have any legal recourse? I did a quick google search and found these...... https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2018/gm-ac-compressor-condenser-problems-lawsuit.shtml http://www.radiatorhelpline.com/2017/06/2014-2017-chevy-gm-condenser-widespread-failure.html Looks like a lawsuit in Tennessee? Do we need to start one in each state? California? Texas?
  13. For those who have had it serviced by the dealer - what was the ballpark cost? Did they have to remove the front bumper and parts of the front-end? Will see what kind of $$$ assistance GM can provide. I know that everything is pretty tight in there, now days everything is enclosed. Unfortunately I found it on this website / forum a little late.... hopefully it will help the next guy dealing with this.... Thanks.
  14. Folks - add me to the list...... Just took my truck in to have them check the AC because it was not blowing cold air anymore and said they could do a service on the system by draining and refilling - adding some dye. Everything checked out for a day... at $350.00, figured I was getting off cheap.... Then when went to pickup the truck and the Service Manager checked again..... and ... it was leaking!!! From what I have been reading - GM has known about this for a while and there looks to be bulletins on some of the later model trucks 2015+ for the same issue. My truck is out of warranty - had about 50K on it when started noticing it was not cooling - mentioned it to the Service Manager and they said they needed it for a day...so I would have it done during my next service. They are checking to see if they can get some coverage with the GM Assistance program.... crossing my fingers. Definitely a defect in manufacturing. If they do replace it - how do I know I am getting the upgraded part so I do not have to do it again in a couple years? JJ
  15. Thanks for the feedback and information. Sorry for throwing it out there about the increase from 6 QT to 8 QT - I may have seen that mentioned on another "board" and threw that out there. I had a 2006 Tacoma V6 with almost 100K miles on it and never had the oil light come on as I can remember. My old 1975 with a 350 V8 did burn some - but I bought used and it had some miles -- I remember putting 20-50w in it. The fact that I bought the truck brand new..... spent a lot of money on it, have not abused it, keep up on regular maintenance and even broke the engine in by keeping my speed and RPM's down ... and it is burning OIL is a crime. If I had 100K or even 200K and it burned some... I can understand that. But with less than 50K on the motor - no leaks - no oil smell and having the engine oil light to on... Luckily there was an oil change place open on a Sunday holiday weekend. If I had been out on the road or traveling it would have been a bit awkward. I bought a GM truck because it is America made and got better performance that the Ford, Dodge, or Tundra. Do I have any leverage to have them replace the motor instead of pulling it apart and putting new rings and pistons in....... maybe doing the heads..... And then to honor the warranty the work for 12K- when the original drive warranty is 100K - then again it looks to expire next year (2019) even though I have another 50K to go. I had really thought this was going to be my last truck purchase and last another 10 years. Thanks again for the feedback.
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